5 Ways Wealth Management Firms Can Improve Customer Experiences

If you’re feeling the need to digitally transform your firm’s processes, you’re not the only wealth management company in this tough spot. The Financial Brand reported a leading 2023 trend for financial institutions is the prioritization of the customer experience.

The easiest way to get ahead of the curve and prioritize your customers is by going digital. Begin the transition away from manual to automated tasks using Vasion Suite and give your clients the flexibility they crave with these five easy digital processes.

  1. Intuitive eForms

We all know the inconvenience and hand cramps that accompany filling out excessive forms. Ink smudges, missed fields, and what feels like hours (but might actually be) have passed filling out endless pages. Stop making your clients go through this.

Although the need for intaking information won’t change, you can make it an easier experience. Electronic forms (eForms) from the Vasion Form application speed up the intake process with intuitive capabilities so users won’t have to reenter repeated information or miss a required field again. Trust us, your clients will thank you for this simple upgrade.

  1. Convenient eSignatures

With eForms comes eSignatures. What good are speedy eForms if users still have to take the time to print dozens of pages just to sign on the dotted line by hand? That’s a rhetorical question—it’s clear your clients prefer a better way to sign.

eSignatures from Vasion Suite are legally binding* and allow your customers to give their consent on eForms and data requests, as well as sign contracts and agreements with only a few clicks. It’s time to streamline your signing processes and eliminate the back-and-forth correspondence for your customers.

  1. Automated Workflows

If there’s one thing your clients would appreciate, it’s removing their need to micromanage the exchange of documents with you. They don’t want to anxiously double-check if recipients received sent files, or worry about if they forgot to sign a time-sensitive document.

Workflow from Vasion Suite removes these anxieties altogether by creating custom, automated routes for key documents and data to digitally flow between users and systems, automatically sending and managing your clients’ tasks. It shouldn’t be the client’s responsibility to ensure all i’s are dotted and t’s crossed—remove this hassle for them for good.

  1. Ease of Use

When your services are difficult to navigate, clients will go elsewhere. Old-school, manual processes are cumbersome and time-consuming. They don’t want to make multiple calls, wait for you to search through a jam-packed filing cabinet, or flip through dozens of pages to find a key data point. We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

Document Management with Vasion Suite makes your clients’ lives easier with digital assets that are stored in one convenient space they can access at any time, from anywhere. Users are able to search, store, and share data without having to step foot in your office, be put on hold, or get off the couch.

  1. Reinforce Trust

Working in wealth management requires trust from clients. Your reputation depends on their trust in your ability to protect their confidential data. Paper files are vulnerable to physical damage, human error, and misplacement. Without visibility, you’re unable to ensure your clients’ assets are protected and you can say goodbye to ever gaining their trust.

Luckily for you (and them), we provide internal and external secure access to documents with encrypted data through Document Management. And for particularly sensitive content, Personal Identifiable Information (PII) settings are applied to documents and folders. Vasion Suite gives you control to limit who can access client information while providing audit trails for clear visibility at all times. Gain your client’s trust by giving them peace of mind.

*The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act). Federal Deposit Consumer Corporation, January 2014. https://www.fdic.gov/resources/supervision-and-examinations/consumer-compliance-examination-manual/documents/10/x-3-1.pdf