Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management in the Future of Education

Enterprise content management is important in a lot of fields. At Vasion, we often talk about how content management can help businesses stay organized and effective. But could enterprise content management have the same benefits for education, too? Absolutely.

AI and ECM technologies are already having a big impact on education these days, and that impact is only going to keep growing in the future. Granted, it’s unlikely that your child will have a robot for a teacher any time soon. However, there are innovative AI processes already happening in and out of the classroom. Many of those AI processes include automated document management. Keep reading below to get a closer look at some of those AI and ECM processes.


Enterprise Content Management Helps Ease Grading

For a lot of teachers, one of the most tedious parts of teaching is the grading. It’s the kind of work that they can’t leave in the office, so it takes up a lot of their free time. The tedium can lead to errors every once in a while, especially by the time a teacher has been grading the same tests for several hours.

Thankfully, there is another way, and that way is enterprise content management. When schools implement an ECM platform, they can save their teachers a lot of time and effort on the grading process. Of course, this kind of technology can’t grade more nuanced assignments such as essays, at least not at this point in time. However, many online Enterprise Content Management platforms do allow teachers to automate the grading process for multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. This way, these teachers can focus more fully when it’s time to grade the less standardized assignments.

Furthermore, many ECM solutions for grading also allow teachers to quickly assess student learning, notice commonly missed questions, and plan their next lessons accordingly. Overall, enterprise content management can help teachers save time, and in a society that overworks its teachers, the value of saved time can be immeasurable.

Enterprise Content Management Helps Improve Courses

The second way that AI will shape the future of education involves course satisfaction. This capability can be especially valuable in college, where students sometimes get to evaluate their courses. Of course, high schools and even middle schools can also implement this platform. Students can be surveyed at different intervals in their courses to determine how well content is being explained. Their evaluations can then be uploaded to a school-wide content management platform, or perhaps the students can access the platform directly.

Either way, having all of those evaluations gathered neatly in one spot can be very useful for educators and administrators. An AI program can search for repeated words or phrases, and having all of the documents together can make it easier for readers to see patterns. From there, instructors can adjust their courses as needed.

As a result, teaching methods can become more effective. Course materials can improve. Students can experience more satisfaction with their courses and have a better overall learning experience.

ECM Helps Increase Customized Learning 

When you think of automation and artificial intelligence, you probably don’t think of customization, but let’s dive a little deeper into this topic. As it turns out, enterprise content management can foster a customized learning experience. In fact, it can help students of all learning levels thrive in the classroom.

That’s because the AI aspect of enterprise content management adapts to each learner. For example, consider two students in the same math class. One student is excelling, while the other student is struggling with the same concepts. Without some form of customization, both students will find themselves at a disadvantage.

For the struggling student, the one-size-fits-all pacing of a regular classroom means that when the lesson moves on to the next module, they’ll have to move on, too. It doesn’t matter that they haven’t mastered the previous module yet. And if concepts from the first module laid the foundation for the second one, the struggling student may never fully grasp the second module either, leading to a vicious cycle of math difficulties.

Meanwhile, the excelling student faces a different problem. Let’s say that this student mastered the relevant concepts by the time the class made it halfway through the module. That student is now stuck repeating the same concepts over and over again when they could just as easily move on. Because of the standardized classroom pacing, they’re forced to hold back their own potential while they wait for the rest of the class to catch up.

But what if these students were in a program that used AI and enterprise content management? In this program, the excelling student could test out of certain modules and move on to more advanced concepts. At the same time, the struggling student could continue to practice the current concept until they have mastered it. Each student would get to learn at their own pace, which could reduce boredom for one student and anxiety for the other.

This kind of platform may also foster classroom inclusion. Recently, some schools have moved away from the practice of separating students by ability and disability. Instead of placing gifted students, students with learning disabilities, and average students in separate classes, these schools have more inclusive classrooms. AI and content management can help all of these students learn at their own pace while enjoying each other’s company in the same environment.

AI Helps Your Educational Institution to Grow

In the future, AI technology will continue to improve. So will enterprise content management. By blending the two together, you can help your educational institution grow. Vasion can help with the document management part of that growth. We offer premium content management solutions for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and schools.

Want to see how an enterprise content management platform translates to the educational sphere? We’d be happy to show you and answer all of your questions along the way. Schedule your demo today to see how Vasion’s document management platform works.

Teachers and students deserve more than the current system has to offer. The right content management options can help them get what they need.