Business Process Automation FAQs

Business process automation (BPA) tools are an investment, so it’s vital to research thoroughly before choosing your software. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about BPA software to give you a solid foundation for this unique type of tool. 

What are some popular business process automation software tools?

Some of the most popular business process automation software tools include Vasion, Kissflow, IBM, Appian, Pegasystems, Pipefy, Nintex, and Axon Ivy. To decide which one is right for your organization, identify your goals, read reviews from reputable sources, and don’t be afraid to reach out to sales reps with tough questions. 

How can business process automation software improve efficiency?

Business process automation software can improve efficiency in several ways. BPA tools help automate repetitive tasks and leverage data digitization tools, which frees up employees’ time and reduces mistakes made from manual processes. Organizations that implement BPA software often find that employees become more efficient and collaborative because the tool can help eliminate data silos. Businesses can scale faster when many basic tasks are done more effectively by business process automation tools. 

Is business process automation software suitable for small businesses?

Yes, business process automation software is suitable for businesses of all sizes. BPA software helps small businesses scale faster by collecting data—such as customer demographics, campaign results, and target audience preferences—and synthesizing the information in a way that makes sense for the individual organization. For example, when small businesses can’t afford to hire more employees, a business process automation tool can update inventory records, send communications to customers, and run payroll.

How can business process automation software help streamline workflows?

BPA software can help streamline workflows by automating approval processes, gathering eSignatures, reordering products when inventory is low, creating schedules, and increasing visibility into project progress. With the help of BPA tools, operations managers can identify areas in workflows that take the most time or are most prone to errors, helping make overall processes more efficient. Each time BPA software helps streamline a workflow, employees can dedicate their efforts to more mission-critical tasks. 

Are there any drawbacks or challenges associated with implementing business process automation software?

Some of the main drawbacks and challenges associated with implementing business process automation software are simply the difficulties that come with learning a new tool. As with any new software, BPA tools have a learning curve. One way to mitigate these challenges is to make sure that the company you buy from has reliable customer service and an active support community. 

What industries can benefit the most from business process automation software?

Any business can benefit from business process automation software. However, some industries may benefit more than others. Supply chain, ecommerce, healthcare, government, insurance, and banking organizations benefit tremendously from BPA tools because these industries are typically heavy on logistics, rely on many repetitive tasks, and involve many signatures and significant amounts of paperwork.  

Can business process automation software be customized to suit specific business needs?

Absolutely! BPA software can be tailored to suit a business’s specific needs. Need a customized dashboard? We can do that. Looking for certain permissions and security options that need to be different for different teams? Check. Do your integrations require custom code? That’s available, too. 

Are there any cost-saving opportunities with business process automation software?

Business process automation software can be expensive, so look for cost-saving opportunities. You can often save money by asking for fewer user permissions, fewer features, or less data storage. If your BPA software has a monthly cost, you may be able to get a discount by signing a year-long contract.

Similarly, if you’ve used the product for a year, you may be able to negotiate the renewal price. Another way to save money is to go with a BPA tool that’s on the cloud—that will save you the on-premises installation costs. 

How can business process automation software enhance data security and compliance?

BPA software can enhance data security and compliance by managing access and permissions. BPA tools also transfer files and data securely within your business as well as with third-party vendors. Compliance is also easy with BPA tools that make sure you’ve checked all the boxes, gathered necessary signatures, and completed every required form. 

What are some successful case studies of companies using business process automation software?

You can see successful case studies of companies that have used Vasion’s business process automation software on our website


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