Content Management and Education

Content management is a huge challenge for schools and universities. When most people talk about document storage, they’re usually thinking in terms of businesses. However, schools have just as much need for simple, well-organized content solutions.

Why? For one thing, education systems produce enormous amounts of paper documents every year. Between grade submissions, admission applications, financial aid documents, and everything else that a school puts on paper, the sheer amount of information can get overwhelming quickly. Without an excellent organizational platform, these documents can rapidly cause any office to devolve into chaos.

That’s unfortunate, because students and parents alike rely on their schools to keep their documents up-to-date. One missing paper can derail a student’s school experience.

Then, of course, there are the compliance regulations that schools must uphold. These regulations require that schools store and dispose of past documents in very specific ways. This attention to detail can also become overwhelming fast, causing confusion and delay. The more students a school has, the more demanding these requirements can become.

That’s why content management is so important to schools and universities. Content management platforms can bring efficiency and order to educational institutions, reducing overwhelm and helping schools to maintain their legal regulations. Here are three ways that education benefits from electronic document management.

Streamline Document Processes

School documents pass through a lot of checkpoints. They go from student to teacher to parent to administration. Sometimes, documents even pass through all of those same checkpoints more than once, depending on the type of document and need for revisions.

Obviously, these checkpoints can cause a lot of challenges. For one thing, it’s easy for documents to get lost along the way. Sometimes, this system causes long delays, and while some delays are acceptable, others can cause critical issues. Furthermore, in this system, some documents don’t get completed at all. If a document gets lost somewhere in between a backpack and an office, then administrators may need to start the whole process over again.

And what about document safety? Some school documents contain sensitive information, and that information could do a lot of harm in the wrong hands. Thankfully, content management software can with all of these challenges by streamlining the document process.

To protect your school’s paperwork, there is nothing safer than content management software. Because content management can keep documents in their digital format, they reduce the risk of information being misused.

At the same time, the software that keeps your documents safe also keeps them on track for completion. Rather than making a journey from the classroom to homes or an office, the files move through their lifecycle all in the safety of the software program. No more wait times for transit. Instead, you gain streamlined document processes and paperwork arrives completed in record time.

Access Records Fast

If you need student records, the last thing you want to do is spend an hour sorting through filing cabinets. Even the most well-organized filing cabinet can cause delays when you need a very specific piece of information. Unfortunately, a lot of schools stick with the filing cabinet method because they don’t realize that there’s another way.

With a digital content management platform, you can ditch the filing cabinet and all of the delays that come with it. A digital content platform will contain everything you need to keep those records in perfect order, meaning you’ll find the file that you need immediately. With automated indexing, your software platform makes every student file searchable within moments, meaning that you will not encounter a delay due to missing or incomplete files.

Even better, thanks to software that keeps track of all access, you can keep records of any edits or additions made to documents in the platform. You can always rest assured that you have the most up-to-date version of the file at your fingertips.

Eliminate Paper Forms

In school settings, the amount of paper forms can seem endless. From employment to admission to permissions and more, the forms pile up. Again, a lot of schools stick with this outdated system because administrators don’t realize that they have a better option. After all, when a document needs a signature, you’ll need a physical copy of that document, right? Not necessarily, thanks to digital content management systems.

Content management programs limit or even eliminate paper forms altogether by offering electronic alternatives. One of these alternatives is the e-signature. Now, instead of requiring a signature on a physical piece of paper, you can grant access so that students, employees, and parents can sign documents electronically.

The possibilities are virtually endless. With secure pathways to create and submit e-forms, an electronic document management platform handles all sorts of forms. Staff members can submit requests and reports electronically. Then, through an automated workflow, these forms are routed directly to the correct individual for approval. This not only makes the process more efficient, but it also ensures that forms are not lost among the many other papers being shuffled through an office.

A digital content management platform can also create de-cluttered workspaces, which is a benefit that should never be underestimated. Of course, you can still print the documents that you need to print, and your content management solution should make the printing process easy. However, that same platform will also drastically reduce the amount of paper that you’ll need to print, which means less document pileup. This benefit is important. A clean workspace is an efficient workspace, and clutter can have a negative impact on mental health.


Schools and universities deserve better than paper document systems. Every day, schools battle challenges such as budget cuts, high staff turnover, and space constraints. Content management strategies for educational institutions address all of these concerns, offering an electronic space that is secure, adaptable, and efficient.

Want to learn more about the possibilities for your school or district? Then get in touch with us here at Vasion. We’d love to walk you through your options and show you how digital content management can work for you.