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Fire Your Filing Cabinets

Today’s workplace is accustomed to a paperless lifestyle, but not everyone has caught up to this modern approach. Some of us might not have even noticed the transition since paper processes are still in play amongst financial service companies. You no longer see a rolodex on every desk (no doubt utilized by a woman with a colorful beaded chain hanging from her glasses), but you do see filing cabinets storing decades of company and client records in many office spaces. However, with a digital system, your filing cabinets are about as useful as that rolodex at this point.

It’s time to fire your filing cabinets and hire Vasion Suite. Learn how our digital document management solution reduces your reliance on paper, making your work life easier and elevating your business processes in the digital era.

Save Space

No one likes clutter. While filing cabinets were once a staple to workplace organization, they now are nothing more than congestion. They’re anything but compact and have to be placed in a spacious location for use, taking up even more space with opening and closing. Not to mention once you fill up one, you have to add another, turning your office into a storage room.

Vasion Suite replaces your clunky storage system with digital documents—your full backlog and future files, records, and contracts no longer take up physical space in your work area. What once was a bulky cabinet affecting your office feng shui can now be a potted plant, added leg room, or your furry friend’s new spot to nap.

The best part?

There’s no risk of injury from bumping into sharp corners when using Vasion Suite.

Cut Costs

Don’t worry, we aren’t just talking about the pocket change from not having to purchase additional storage cabinets. We’re referencing the overhead cost of paper storage altogether.

There’s no need to continue paying for printing materials like printers themselves, ink, paper, toner, and repairs. Not to mention what you could be saving in employee labor by eliminating the time-consuming repetitive tasks required to manage, sift through, and file extensive paperwork.

Using Vasion Suite not only cuts material costs, but prevents you from purchasing multiple digital systems in place of your filing cabinets. Within one solution you’ll have the tools you need to digitize existing paper files, manage all content, and store your documents.

Built-in Convenience

While having your documents in storage cabinets by your workspace technically means you have the information you need at your fingertips, it isn’t as convenient as a digital database. When working in the financial industry, you’re often under tight deadlines and pressure. The excessive time it takes to sift through stacks of paper (and paper cuts) isn’t conducive to the speed required.

What if we told you you’re able to search, access, and share company files with a few clicks? Within Vasion Suite, you can pull up a client’s records in a meeting on the spot as quickly as you can google ‘restaurants near me.’ Accessing the info you need is convenient and can be done from anywhere on any device1, not just at your desktop.

Access Securely

Your company’s success is built on the security of your clients’ data and upholding compliance. Storing sensitive documents in a filing cabinet is the equivalent of a diary with a dinky lock you can pick with a bobby pin. It’s felt impossible to protect paper storage at all times and provide necessary audit trails…until now.

Securely access your content while protecting company and client data in transit and at rest using our digital document management system. Keep your files secure with document-level encryption and prevent unauthorized access to information. Even track who and when a digital record is accessed, or the progress of agreements with a detailed audit history. Security and peace of mind go hand-in-hand.

When you’re ready to fire your filing cabinets, book a demo and experience the paperless workplace you’ve been dreaming of.

1Vasion Mobile Application is available for free download to all Vasion customers