How Document Automation Helps Nonprofit Organizations

When we talk about document automation, we usually discuss business needs. However, nonprofit organizations can benefit from document automation, too. While a lot of nonprofits still rely heavily on printing, automation and document management can bring nonprofit organizations one step closer to a complete digital transformation, and that digital transformation can change everything.

After all, nonprofit organizations have to manage resources carefully. Nonprofit organizations have important missions, and whether that mission is education, the arts, alleviating poverty, or any other philanthropic cause, these organizations must make sure that they allocate their funds wisely. If they mismanage or misspend any funds, not only do they have less money for the cause itself, but they also risk being investigated and shut down.

Additionally, nonprofit organizations must prove that they spend their money wisely if they want to gain confidence from potential donors. Those who donate to charity have become quite savvy in their research, and they want to make sure that their money gets put to good use. The more an organization garners trust, the more donors they can inspire.

So, where exactly does document automation fit into these needs? It can help nonprofit organizations fulfill both goals. For one thing, document automation is cost-effective, so it helps organizations save money and make the most of their funds. Second, it provides an easy way to track spending and other important information, so organizations can keep their donors informed.

Document automation comes with other benefits, too. Below are just a few benefits of using document automation as part of a nonprofit digital transformation.

Document Automation and Online Templates

Nonprofit employees and volunteers do a lot of repetitive tasks. Those tasks are necessary, since all of those little things are what keep nonprofits up and running. But is there a better way to get those tasks done? Absolutely. Document automation can help. One aspect of document automation is the online template, which can help employees and volunteers get through the most repetitive tasks quickly.

Take employee onboarding, for example. Usually, in traditional companies or nonprofit organizations, employees have to spend a lot of time shadowing, walking through procedures, and learning processes on the job. However, with document management for nonprofits, organizations can create online templates for new hires to access and learn in a more efficient manner.

Meanwhile, current employees don’t have to spend so much time training new hires. They can focus more deeply on their own work, so the organization can continue its mission without interruptions.

Of course, that’s not all that online templates can do for a nonprofit. Online templates also implement standard procedures that cut down on confusion about what to do in certain situations. Standard operating procedures, codes of conduct, and contracts can be stored in a document management tool that’s easy to access.

Increased Collaboration

Nonprofits can’t get much done without teamwork. Unfortunately, teamwork can get sidetracked when paper documents get in the way. Nonprofits often deal with a lot of paper. It clutters up offices, disrupts organizations, and sends team members on individual tasks as they search for just the right piece of paper.

Document management can increase collaboration by removing the challenges that come from paper. Organizations can store most or all of their documents in the cloud. When they do so, there are no paper versions floating around, ripe for misplacement or loss. Indeed, employees can easily access them because everything is stored online.

How does this online storage help with collaboration? For one thing, it removes the need to search for documents. Often, one team member gets tasked with tracking down paper. The more that team member has to track down paper items, the less time they have to work alongside the other team members. However, when people can find their documents in just a few seconds, there’s no need to waste time.

Furthermore, document automation ensures that everyone stays up-to-date. With paper documents and hard drive storage, team members often work with different versions of the same document. As a result, they work with differing information. With document automation, however, everyone has access to the same document. If anyone makes changes, those changes are saved automatically and accessible to everyone on the team. There’s no need to worry that anyone is working with outdated information.

Collaboration can make or break a nonprofit organization. When you run a nonprofit, it’s important to use every tool at your disposal to keep that collaboration strong.

Document Automation Grants Access Control

Nonprofit organizations need document security just as much as for-profit businesses do. Unfortunately, paper documents present a lot of security challenges for nonprofits and businesses alike. Physical documents are easily lost, dropped, or misplaced. Even small mistakes can cause major security concerns.

Document automation platforms can reduce or even eliminate these security concerns. Not only do they store documents safely, but they also let leaders choose access levels for each document. While some documents should stay available to the whole team, others should only be accessed by certain team members. Document management platforms allow for more control over these parameters.

Furthermore, document management platforms can keep track of different edits and readings for each document. As a result, you’ll know who accesses which documents and when. This option helps manage any security incidents and prevent unnecessary leaks. With the right platform, you can tier access levels in each project or by employee seniority level. You shouldn’t have to choose between high security and excellent customization options.


Nonprofit organizations deserve excellence, and that includes excellence in their document management. Vasion is here to provide nonprofit organizations with the document automation that they need and deserve. As a matter of fact, we help nonprofits with all of their software needs. We’ve seen great demand for document management as nonprofits try to cut out time-consuming and repetitive tasks. They want to work smarter and better, and having the right software is the key to doing both. Leverage the power of technology to get more out of your time and efforts. Contact our team today with any questions about document management for your group.