Make your Enterprise Document Storage Systems Work for You

When you invest in enterprise document storage systems, you want to ensure you get your money’s worth. While you could use electronic document management solely as a digital filing cabinet, why not take advantage of its full range of capabilities? Don’t just use your document solution as one more tool in your toolbox. Instead, utilize its full capacity to integrate and automate your business. Strong document storage platforms have the ability to save businesses a lot of time and money. They increase productivity, organization, and security at every level of the business. Here are four areas to consider as you make your EDMS work for you.

Automate Workflow


At Vasion, we talk a lot about the benefits of automated workflow. Increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and financial gains are just a few of the boosts our clients experience. By streamlining your project communication, you free up time and mental space for the more essential parts of your work. Additionally, companies that adopt automated workflow find that they encounter fewer delays and roadblocks in their creative and productive processes. Instead, all your internal collaboration lives in one place, keeping the flow of business moving without requiring micromanagement. These automated workflows are especially helpful if a lot of your employees work from home. The workflows can be accessed anytime and anywhere, as long as there is internet access! Automated workflow takes your document management and task organization to a new level.

So how exactly do these automated workflows work? Within the enterprise system, users can create tasks. Within the task, they can assign the work to different employees while also setting permissions to ensure secure data is only viewed by the proper users. Within the workflow, steps can be added. Each step is assigned to a recipient. The workflow can also be given various priority levels so employees know how important the task at hand is. Finally, user email addresses can be designated to receive an alert when the workflow is complete. These digital workflows help keep everyone on a project organized, efficient, and in the loop about everything that is going on. A digital workflow makes it difficult for things to fall through the cracks!

Customize Security Settings


Each organization requires its own unique security profiles and settings. There’s no need to settle for the basic security features on your current network. Instead, customize your safety systems to your company’s individual requirements. Create credentials for all your system users. Employ file-level encryption on your documents and data. There are many layers of security available to you, allowing you to prevent loss while also customizing user access. Security settings are important for keeping internal and external information safe. Internal data about employees or business finances should be kept very secure. With digital storage platforms, permissions can be managed so only the necessary employees are seeing confidential internal files. In addition, it is important to keep external information secure as well. This includes data like patient medical files, client bank statements, customer credit card information, etc. A digital document storage system helps keep this information encrypted and secure to prevent data theft. Security is a top concern for most companies, especially these days with so many employees working from home. A strong document storage platform keeps data safely so that users with the necessary permissions can securely access documents from home.

Integrate Existing Software


You probably used a variety of organizational software before you chose your current enterprise document storage platforms. Thankfully, electronic document management platforms allow the integration of a wide range of productivity and communication software. For example, your current email, payroll, and sales systems are not only accessible through an electronic data system, but they will also be connected to one another. When you search for a client’s name, the results include all relevant correspondence, notes, legal documents, bills of sale, etc. Rather than switching between windows and searching for the missing puzzle piece, make one quick search in your document storage platform and receive all the information you could need. This concept of software integration is critical to the efficiency of your business. It takes time to always be switching back and forth between various systems. It can also be an expensive process. Many companies pay a lot of money for “connectors” so that their various systems can communicate with each other. This process often leads to data loss and mistakes. Instead, focus on finding a data management platform that combines all your existing drives and systems into one place.

Digitize Analog Content

Another benefit of an enterprise document storage system is the fact it can easily transform paper documents to digital documents. Hard-copy documents can easily be digitized through the use of scanners, faxes, mobile devices, and more! Through AI technology, the enterprise system takes in the paper document, extracts key information, and properly routes it to the correct space. For example, many doctors’ offices are currently trying to transition years of paper patient medical records to digital documents. Not only does this save space in the office, but it also helps keep patient records much more secure. In addition, as a medical provider, you will always have patients bringing in documents that need to be scanned into their records. This includes things like records from previous providers or test results. With a secure document storage platform, scanning and storing these new documents and forms digitally is easy to do.

If you chose, you could use enterprise document storage platforms as virtual filing cabinets. Your documents would be secure and accessible if you needed them. However, these power platforms are capable of far more. To truly accelerate your business, make your document management software work for you. It can be used in so many different aspects of your business. Interested in learning more? Contact Vasion today and we will walk you through the many ways a Vasion system could revolutionize your company.