Take Your Digital Wellness Exam

Your organization focuses on the health of others, but nobody is checking in on the wellbeing of your internal processes. It’s up to you to assess and maintain the functional health of your company.

But you’re on the backend–not treating patients with a stethoscope around your neck while wearing scrubs and crocs–so where do you even start? It’s actually easier than you think!

We’ve compiled a checklist to help you gauge the digital wellness of your processes. Grab a pen, track your answers, and tally up your results to identify bottlenecks and the prescribed treatment plan for more efficient operations.

Are you using a digital document management system?

+1 NO

My team still pushes paper and uses filing cabinets for storage. If you ask anyone to find a particular patient record, they break out in a cold sweat knowing they have to aimlessly search through endless stacks of paper and their day is ruined.

+5 YES

All facility files are digitally stored in a single integrated platform for immediate accessibility and shareability. Finding a particular document only takes a few clicks, freeing up my team’s time to focus on more critical duties and not waste work hours on menial physical tasks.

Have you implemented automated workflows?

+1 NO

Our office relies on time-consuming, back-and-forth efforts to exchange information and get work done. Since the transition to hybrid workplaces, it’s becoming increasingly difficult in my organization to communicate quickly between patients, providers, and other facilities.

+5 YES

It’s been a huge time-saver and reduced the amount of tasks that fall between the cracks by immediately identifying bottlenecks. Automating our workflows has drastically cut the turnaround time when sharing files internally and externally, intaking new patients, and gathering consent.

Do you gather electronic signatures?

+1 NO

We rely on ink signatures. My team prints documents for signing, then faxes, scans, and mails them to other organizations in our network or outside facilities, providers, and patients. It’s a pain having to reprint and start the lengthy process over again when you find an inevitable error on the document.

+5 YES

eSignatures are the quickest way to gather consent and sign off on important matters. The turnaround time is literally seconds and they’re also legally binding, so my team doesn’t have to worry about falling in line with compliance rules and regulations.

Are your existing docs and backlog of records all digital files? 

+1 NO

We haven’t digitized because of the excessive amount of paper records we have to keep for compliance and auditing. It seems too complicated and confusing to deviate from traditional paper processes.

+5 YES

Using digital files is way easier than paper ones because they’re more versatile for accessing, sharing, and editing. By capturing our entire backlog of paper files into digital documents, we’re able to house them alongside our current and future documents all in one place.

Time to Tally Up Your Results

1-5 Poor Health

Your processes are outdated, causing consistent bottlenecks and headaches for your team. To enhance the digital wellness of your office, you need to digitize your files.

6-15 Moderate Health

You have some digital processes in play, but haven’t made the complete transition. The gap between paperless tasks and digital ones are slowing your team down.

16-20 Good Health

Your company’s close to acing its digital wellness exam, but you might still have siloed systems that aren’t speaking to each other. An integrated platform is necessary for optimal digital health.

An integrated SaaS platform like Vasion Suite is just what the doctor ordered to improve the digital wellness of your company. Get started by booking a complimentary consultation.