The Easy Way to Digitize Government Processes

Going digital isn’t an if but a when. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, local governments were forced to make a sharp pivot on a moment’s notice to keep services up and running virtually–which let’s admit, wasn’t easy. At this point, you’ve probably implemented some digital services, but they aren’t efficient and don’t integrate with the paper processes you still have in place. Or you’re already using multiple systems to automate your processes, but they aren’t talking to each other, subsequently causing more work and confusion.   

While agility is necessary to effectively serve the public in this changing landscape, adapting doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Complete your digital transformation the easy way using a single, integrated platform.


It’s Actually Affordable 

The biggest roadblock to completing your digital transformation is the hefty price tag that comes along with it. You know you need to bridge the gap between paper and digital processes to better serve the public, but you can’t afford multiple systems to complete the job. Not to mention the upcharge for all the bells and whistles per solution which aren’t cheap. No local government’s wallet is that deep. 

Stop throwing money away on yet another siloed system to add to your stack and start saving by using a single integrated platform to digitize operations. You can cut costs and consolidate infrastructure without handing over an arm and a leg. 


One Platform That Does It All

Your plate is too full and you can’t efficiently serve citizens with outdated paper processes in place. Rather than working directly with the public, your team is entering data, transferring files, making copies, and organizing your department’s content…manually. There’s a faster way to do all of that without hand cramps, jammed filing cabinets, and paper cuts.

With the help of Vasion, you can finally automate mundane tasks. Everything from capturing physical documents to digital data, to automating workflows and managing content, you can do using a single, integrated platform. You’ll never have to manually intake, input, file, store, or share citizen records, permit requests, licensing, applications, and more ever again. 


Implementation Is Fast

If you could waive a magic wand, you’d probably wish for more time in the workday, right? Working on the backend of any local government isn’t easy and the work never stops. You’re managing a continuous loop of sensitive data, never-ending requests, and issuing approvals left and right. You literally don’t have the time for any bump in the road, and certainly can’t delay services for months for software implementation. 

With us, you don’t have to. Vasion can help you go digital in weeks, not months or even years. Our ready-to-go solution includes no-code, easily customizable workflows that are available for use right out of the gate, and there’s no onsite integration required. Add in seamless integrations with your current programs and third-party services, and you’re up and running with efficient digital processes without interruptions.

Digitizing doesn’t have to be daunting. Get started the easy way, with Vasion.