Why Going Digital Improves the Patient Experience

When you think of having a good bedside manner, your mind probably goes to being patient while spending quality time with the person in need. Right? What if we told you enhancing the patient experience actually starts behind the scenes, with software? (That’s a rhetorical question.)

Going digital is the easiest way to prioritize patients, not paperwork. This may sound daunting, but transitioning away from manual to automated processes streamlines back-end operations to remove physical tasks, giving your team adequate time to focus on patient care. See how Vasion Suite, a single integrated platform, does this and more.

Quicker Intake

Patients don’t want to write out their entire medical history by hand as much as your team doesn’t want to manually enter it into your system. Hand cramps, smeared ink, illegible handwriting–and those are only a few of the inconveniences of paper forms.

No one has to ever go through this again when using electronic forms (eForms) with Vasion Suite. eForms from the Vasion Form application simplify the intake process with intuitive capabilities so users won’t have to reenter repeated information on every page–like date of birth, age, address–or miss a required field again because they’re lost in the fog of yet another paper cut. The need for intaking information won’t change, but you can make it an easier experience for your team and patients overall.

Convenient eSignatures

Don’t worry, there’s also a way to grant consent on all eForms without having to print and sign on the dotted line. There’s a better way to sign with electronic signatures (eSignatures).

The Vasion platform includes eSignatures, which permit patients to grant consent on eForms and medical record requests, as well as sign contracts and agreements with only a few legally binding clicks.* Giving patients the ability to sign from anywhere eliminates the back-and-forth requests for signatures and consent between patients, your organization, providers, and other facilities. Everyone involved will thank you, not just the patient.

Faster Exchanges

Patients aren’t project managers. They have enough going on without having to be responsible for ensuring all forms, signatures, insurance information, and transferred health records are correct. With automated workflows, they don’t have to micromanage the exchange of information with your organization and neither does your team.

Workflow from Vasion Suite creates custom, automated routes for key documents and data to digitally flow between users and systems, automatically sending and managing patient and provider tasks. Patients, your team, and other organizations won’t have to be transferred between departments, wait on hold, or fax documents just to complete a task–automated workflows do it all for you.

Strengthened Trust 

Your organization’s reputation depends on the confidence of patients in your ability to protect their personal, sensitive information. Paper records are vulnerable to physical damage, human error, and misplacement. Without clear visibility, you can’t ensure full protection of private data and risk the integrity of your healthcare facility.

Document Management from Vasion Suite provides internal and external secure access to documents with encrypted data and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) settings for particularly sensitive documents and folders. Your team controls who and when patient information is accessed while providing a thorough audit trail on all activity. Give patients the protection they need and peace of mind.

* The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act). Federal Deposit Consumer Corporation, January 2014. https://www.fdic.gov/resources/supervision-and-examinations/consumer-compliance-examination-manual/documents/10/x-3-1.pdf