Why Printing Belongs in the Past

If you were to compile a list of your top annoyances, it would probably include the car in front of you stopped at a green light, pouring cereal only to realize the milk is gone, getting stuck in security when late for a flight…and printing. While printing seemed like an integral part of the workplace, the optics of the daily act have aged with the grace of cheese left outside on a sweltering, sunny day. 


In the digital age, it’s easier to spot the errors of our ways in the form of inefficient, costly, and downright annoying processes. Single-function printers should be on your tech chopping block if they’re not already. It’s time to leave printing and its ensuing outdated havoc in the past. 


They Were Never That Great 

Let’s be honest; the only bright side of printing was the excuse it gave your coworkers to step away from their desks for a quick break to retrieve a document. However, for the IT crowd, they’ve only ever served as the bane of your existence. 


Single-function printers are temperamental and always have been. You’d think by now they wouldn’t require the extensive manual oversight they do. But alas, your days are still filled with repeatedly changing ink, toner, and paper, while fixing paper jams and never-ending glitches,  just like your predecessors…from the 1980s.   


Considering printers require more attention than a puppy, and you have to stop yourself from throwing every single one in your office out the window, the time has come to move on from printing. 


Printing Perpetuates Paper Processes


After decades of printers in the office, spotting the dysfunctional pattern is as clear as day. Printing means paper. Paper means manual processes. Manual processes mean more work for everyone. 


If you’re perpetuating printing, you’re slowing your organization down and holding it back. When the sum of company data, documents, and records are in the form of paper, they don’t integrate with the digital processes you’ve already started putting in place. Not only are you wasting time maintaining printers, but employees are in an endless loop of printing, signing, reprinting to fix errors, scanning, mailing, waiting for return documents, organizing, and searching for documents in endless filing cabinets.

You can’t automate tasks if printing is at the core of your processes.

Printers Cost an Arm and a Leg

You could stop buying fancy lattes for a year, but the savings wouldn’t come close to compensating for the high cost of printing. No, we’re not just talking about the price tag on paper.

There’s more money funding printing than you think: 

  • Printers
  • Paper
  • Ink
  • Toner
  • Maintenance parts
  • Repair parts
  • Invoicing, inventory, ordering
  • Helpdesk labor 
  • Employee labor
  • Paper supplies: pens, highlighters, staplers, paper clips, folders, filing cabinets, etc.

Taking into account the amount of multi-page contracts, agreements, drafts, reports, records, and applications, it all adds up quickly—especially when reprinting multiple rounds to incorporate updated terms and fixing errors. 

The price for printing isn’t worth draining your budget.

Put Printers in the Past…For Good

We know you’re sick of printing, so we’ve got a solution for you: Vasion, designed to get you to the next phase of your digital transformation journey. Go digital with a single SaaS platform to intelligently capture physical documents, build and automate workflows, and securely store digital files so you’ll never have to print again.

You can finally kick your single-function printers to the curb (or throw them out the window). 


Learn how to eliminate your printers and digitize processes in weeks, not months.