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Why Your Clients and Your Co-workers Want You to Go Digital

It’s no secret the business world is experiencing a generational shift in leadership. Seasoned generations prefer old-school ways–think pen and paper or long-winded in-person meetings–but these outdated processes are not only costing you new clients but also preventing your company from attracting fresh talent. Future clients and employees are looking for faster, easier ways to do business.

Face it, no one wants to use the same technology their parents did. Imagine still using the printing press because it technically still functions and gets the job done. We’re in the 21st century and digital business processes are the new standard. So pour a fresh cup of coffee, get comfortable, and keep reading to understand why your clients and co-workers are begging for you to go digital.

What Your Clients Want

While it’s great you utilize emailing and smartphones in the workplace, they aren’t the technological conveniences your clients are looking for in their financial services company. Those are actually the bare minimum they expect.

Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials are the generations actively seeking out financial services, and they make up a combined total of 62.74% of the U.S. population. This large pool is accustomed to technology and wants companies who provide fast and sustainable services.

They don’t have the patience to commute to and from your office, flip through extensive paperwork, and wait days (potentially weeks) to finalize agreements and get answers to their questions. Your customers know there’s a faster way and you do, too. Vasion Suite makes your clients’ daydreams a reality with automated workflows for faster correspondence, digital documents for quick scannability, electronic forms with intelligent auto-filling, and digital legally-binding contracts all parties can electronically sign from anywhere.

In addition to a lack of patience, your clients also don’t have a tolerance for the wasteful effects of traditional processes. Younger generations are opting to give their business to environmentally conscious companies. Going digital minimizes your carbon footprint by eliminating paper processes like client intake forms, contracts, reporting, correspondence, records, etc.

What’s been hours of effort and materials wasted is now seconds in a few clicks. Your clients are adapting to a digital world and you need to as well.

What Your Co-workers Want

In recent years, the workforce has started calling the shots demanding sufficient support and more flexibility. If the employee experience you’re offering isn’t up to snuff, your co-workers will proactively find a more suitable opportunity.

This is a rising concern amongst financial services organizations that keep putting off the integration of digital solutions. Without the assistance of automated processes, your co-workers are wearing too many hats. Often, one person is overseeing compliance, audits, and operations—all of which should require an employee’s sole attention, not a small percentage.In addition to being overworked, the tools employees are working with don’t suffice in our modern world. Think of it this way, the manual processes you have in place are like dial-up internet (blaring loading sound included) in comparison to a digital solution that is like lightning-speed fiber internet. There’s no comparison and your co-workers know that.

They don’t want to be in the office every day, chained to their desk because your outdated systems can’t support employees working outside of their cubicles or desktop devices. Vasion Suite allows employees to draft contracts, pull reporting, review decades of files, enforce compliance, and more from home or on the go with a single, digital solution.

It’s time to lose inefficient manual processes, not your clients and co-workers.