Your Content Management System: Four Reasons to Use the Cloud

These days, a lot of business owners have switched to a cloud-based content management system. You may even be thinking about making the switch yourself. Of course, any major business decision comes with a process. You’ll ask yourself whether the benefits outweigh the challenges, whether you can afford to make the switch, and how you can prepare your team for the upgrade.

Those questions can get overwhelming, but the good news is that switching to cloud-based paperless content management can be painless. The Vasion team would be happy to help you with the switch, and we’ve got plenty of tips and tricks to help you prepare your team for their new paperless platform. Most importantly, though, paperless content management has lots of benefits that can help your company reach its fullest potential. We’ve listed four of our favorite benefits below.

Cut Costs With Your Content Management System 

Like every business owner, you want to cut costs without sacrificing quality and productivity. You want to deliver your best work for your clients, but you also want to make sure that you maximize your profits at the same time. It’s a tough balancing act, but having a cloud-based content management system can help. When you switch to a cloud-based platform, you get a lot for your money, so you don’t have to cut corners even as you cut costs.

First of all, you’ll get low start-up costs and operating fees, and paying those fees is a simple process. You’ll be billed monthly for your software, and that low monthly bill covers a lot of ground, especially if you’ve found the right content management system. At Vasion, for example, our software comes with everything you need for content management. From basic content storage to digital footprints to e-signatures, this software lets you make the most of your documents every day.

Second, cloud content management lets you save money because it doesn’t require you to pay for multiple copies of the same software. You don’t have to load a copy of the software onto each computer. Instead, each employee can access the same software from their own work devices. Even better, they can also access the software from phones, tablets, and other devices, which makes things easier if a lot of your employees work from home or if your company uses a BYOT policy.


Next, think about security. Security is the second biggest reason that business owners switch to cloud-based content management platforms.

In an increasingly tech-centered world, companies like yours have to deal with more security concerns than ever before. Hackers are getting smarter, and if disaster strikes, you need a way to protect your company’s information. Cloud content management can help.

With a cloud-based system, users will store sensitive content through the cloud apps instead of on the hard drive of the computer. Cloud apps are notoriously safe due to tight constraints and regular system updates.

To take your security up a notch, we have our own security measures here at Vasion. You get all the security benefits that come from cloud software in general, and you also get everything that Vasion has to offer. For example, you can set specific security parameters and tailor those parameters to your business needs. Your security can be as tight as you want it to be.

Collaboration Benefits

Again, having a cloud-based content management system means having multiple points of access. Your team members can access their documents from virtually anywhere, which is excellent for collaboration. When several team members work on the same project, they don’t have to deal with logistical difficulties. They don’t have to be in the same place, so they don’t have to work around scheduling conflicts. Nor do they have to pass a document back and forth and deal with delays as a result.

Instead, the cloud-based platform gives your team members flexibility to work with one another, even if they must stay at a physical distance. For example, if any users have to self-isolate due to illness exposure, their projects don’t have to come to a halt. If you’ve been considering work-from-home options, your cloud content management system will help you add those options without removing collaboration possibilities. You can even have multiple people working on the same document from different parts of the world.

Cloud-based content management also eliminates confusion during collaboration. Cloud software automatically saves any changes that a team member makes to a document, and it can also track those changes. This way, everybody can keep up with document changes, and you can guarantee that nobody is working with an outdated document.

What are the benefits of this collaboration support? For one thing, your team members may complete projects faster. Since they’ll have more opportunities to access their work and fewer barriers to that access, they can avoid some of the most common productivity challenges. Next, your team members can enjoy a more organic workflow, which may boost overall morale and allow everyone to work more creatively.


The fourth and final reason to move to cloud-based content management is that your storage security is guaranteed. This is possible because apps hosted on the cloud are provided by third-party companies. These companies pride themselves on maintaining good relationships with their clients. As a result, the relationships stay strong through continuous testing. When a potential problem is found, a fix is put into place quickly.

Find the Right Cloud Management System Platform 

Different companies use the cloud in different ways, which is why one-size-fits-all solutions just don’t work anymore. Whether your current cloud content management provider isn’t living up to your needs or you’re looking to start the shift, Vasion can help you find a better-fitting solution. Our team of experts understands how cloud-based content can improve the overall operation of your business.

Have questions about finding the right cloud content management platform? We’d love to have a chat with you. Schedule your demo or get in touch with us to find out what Vasion can do for you.