Your Workspace in your Pocket: The Vasion Mobile App

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Your Workspace in your Pocket: The Vasion Mobile App

What if you could access your Vasion instance – workflows, documents, forms – all from your pocket? With the Vasion Mobile app, you can. We wanted to give our users a way to make automating business processes even easier and more accessible.

The idea behind the app is it’s a tool for end users to access Vasion while they’re out of office or away from a computer. Vasion users can quickly complete tasks from Workflow, access digital content from Storage, scan paper documents, and fill out electronic forms – all from their mobile device.

Many organizations like the concept of adopting a mobile app but typically reserve its use for only a few employees because of security concerns or support issues. But, with some education about how Vasion Mobile works, those concerns can be alleviated.

First, Get to Know the App

  • Workspace – A dashboard that allows users to start, review, approve and complete Workflow tasks from anywhere quickly and easily, thus speeding up the approval process.
  • Reports – An administrative function admins can grant users access to in the Mobile app. Users can run new or access existing reports on any and all activity in Vasion.
  • Storage –  A centralized Storage application to browse uploaded documents from your Vasion Drive and cloud-based storage applications. Users can tag documents with certain keywords for easier searching.
  • Forms – No-code, intuitive eForms users can fill out, sign, and submit through the app to start pre-automated Workflows.
  • Scan – A versatile document scanner that lets users scan via their device’s camera, utilized as the input source. The app uses native PDF reader technology, which creates a digital PDF of the physical document. Users can then send the digital document to Vasion Storage, third party cloud storage, local device storage, email, print, as well as other mobile applications that allow for document sharing.
  • Search – Full text and global and object field searching functionality to search for content anywhere in Vasion.

Next, Understand the Benefits

One of Vasion’s biggest priorities is not only to make documents more accessible for users, but to develop easy-to-use software and tools. A busy, on-the-go employee wants to easily access their tasks and documents, without having to wait to boot up their computer or retype their login credentials every time. This is the vision for the Mobile app – a tool that streamlines and optimizes the Vasion user experience for everyone.

  1. Experience a simple, native interface

    Any Vasion user using the Mobile app will immediately notice the similarities between the two platforms as the Vasion Mobile app’s user interface is inline with the desktop version of Vasion. Keeping a native user interface helps users easily adopt the app into their daily processes with little to no learning curve or additional training.

  2. Manage and view documents anytime

    Nowadays, services are easily accessible at our fingertips – email, transportation providers, food delivery, banking, etc. Vasion can be just as easily accessible, especially when traveling to office locations or meeting off-site with a client. With Vasion Mobile, users can simply use their secure login to access all of their documents – like client information, contracts, agreements – from their mobile device.
  3. Cross-platform security

    Vasion Mobile utilizes the same unified security – encryption, login, storage – as in Vasion. Any configurations like user access and permissions translate to Mobile, as it’s the same account cross-platform. All security configurations are managed by administrators in the desktop version of Vasion.

Lastly, How to Get the App

The Vasion Mobile app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store for any end user to install on their iOS or Android device. Once downloaded, users authenticate their identity using Active Directory or their secure API URL and Vasion login, with no additional setup required, holding to Vasion’s ease of use philosophy.



The Vasion Mobile app contains all the business process automation tools your users need to complete quick and simple tasks while away from the computer. The app is designed as an end-user tool to start and complete existing Workflows and eForms, and simplify document management overall. The Mobile app offers a simple user interface, requiring no additional training after using Vasion and straight-through document management from a mobile device, all while maintaining the same levels of security from the desktop version to the app.

Download the Vasion Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store today!