Holliday Rock Simplifies Document Management with Vasion

Lacking Efficiency and Scale

Holliday Rock mines rock and sand to produce asphalt, aggregate, and concrete in a family-owned business that employs over 700 people and supplies over 1,000 customers. In business for over 85 years, they have contractors in 30+ locations throughout Southern California.

As a modern and growing company, Holliday Rock has implemented a cloud-first mentality. One of their IT strategies has been to migrate on premise applications to the cloud for the efficiency, scalability, and cost benefits that are available from a cloud-first strategy. This initiative targeted two administrative applications they’d been using for years, both of which were on some of their oldest servers: Kofax & Application Xtender for tickets, invoices, and document management, and Docusign for capturing employment and credit application signatures.

George Smith, IT Manager at Holliday Rock, commented on the difficulty of their administrative applications. He said, “Our previous solution’s licensing was very restrictive where only one computer was able to be used to process documents.”

This created a significant bottleneck across the organization.

In addition, on premise applications raised concerns about accessibility to important legal, customer, and shipping documents in the event of a hardware failure. And while internal employees had access to the documents, customers did not; it was important to the company that customers also have visibility.


  • Consolidating three separate document management applications (Kofax, Application Xtender, and Docusign) into just one solution.
  • Eliminating the availability risks that came with the on premise applications with a migration to the cloud.
  • Having only one shared computer that could be used to process documents due to restrictive licensing, which caused major efficiency roadblocks.
  • Giving customers online access to relevant documents.

Upgrading to Vasion

Since they were already a PrinterLogic customer, it wasn’t difficult for Holliday Rock to choose Vasion as the preferred replacement solution.

As an innovative cloud document management system, Vasion offered them a single solution that could deliver all the benefits of Kofax, Application Xtender, and Docusign, plus access from anywhere, on any device. Smith said, “With Vasion our entire accounts receivable department can tackle those daily tickets as a team and get them processed a lot faster.”

Even with over 1,000 documents being processed on a daily basis, the company’s implementation of Vasion was relatively seamless. They were up-and-running in just a couple of months.

Of the migration, Smith said, “I’ve been very happy with the migration to Vasion. The team that performed it was very responsive and helpful.During the process, we had some requested features added by the development team which really impressed me. The speed at which they were able to implement them was incredible.”

Holliday Rock now has 10-15 daily Vasion users from accounting to HR to field sales who can scan and process documents from any work station or mobile device. Using Vasion E-Forms, Signature, and Workflow, they can efficiently accomplish tasks like:

  • Receiving and processing employment and credit applications from potential employees and customers.
  • Approving, denying, or holding credit applications
  • Scanning and processing tickets from both in-office and field locations
  • Customer billing.
  • Providing a customer portal to access tickets and ticket status.
  • Running daily reports on lost or misplaced tickets.

Plans to expand usage of the platform into contracts and outside vendor tickets are in the works. In the meantime, Holliday Rock is already seeing significant benefits to their adoption of Vasion.

Adding to his earlier comments, Smith said, “Vasion’s already helping support our technology modernization initiative. I really like how we’re able to pull our documents, no matter where we are or what device we’re on.”


  • Holliday Rock replaced Kofax, Application Xtender, and Docusign with one solution:Vasion.
  • With Vasion, they have a cloud solution that provides greater access, efficiency, and scalability.
  • 10-15 cross-departmental employees can now scan and process documents from any workstation or mobile device.
  • Customers have access to necessary documents.
  • They can now run daily reports to assess the status of tickets.

Achieving Results Together

The three benefits Holliday Rock achieved with the migration to Vasion were:

  • Migrating from two separate scanning and archival solutions as well as an additional e-signature solution to a single platform.
  • Implementing web and mobile forms for credit and employment applications to replace fillable PDFs.
  • Empowering employees and customers to view documents securely anytime and from anywhere.

With Vasion on board, Holliday Rock is achieving its IT goals of becoming a modern, cloud-first organization that can provide excellent service and visibility to customers. Smith says, “If I had to come up with a slogan [for Vasion], it would be: Vasion: all of your business documents at your fingertips.”

"With Vasion our entire accounts receivable department can tackle those daily tickets as a team and get them processed a lot faster. "