Veritas HHS – Integrity, Innovation and Digitization in Public Programs


  • Streamline claim intake
  • Bolster security
  • Simplify the workflow and processes for end users


  • Digital claims workflow automatically verifies and processes claims.
  • Information is secured, validated, and stored for easy retrieval.
  • The intuitive interface makes navigating easy for end users and lowers IT overhead costs with simple no-code configuration for administrators.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Veritas HHS provides consulting and operational expertise to health and human services agencies at state and county levels. Founded by Robert G. (Bob) Williams in 2012,Veritas HHS brings together experienced and sophisticated subject matter experts to help solve the many challenges of providing better and more efficient services in a time of rapidly evolving policies and delivery systems.

The State of Kansas decided to outsource their entire child services program looking to gain some efficiencies, and awarded Veritas HHS the contract. The state brought truckloads of paper case files to theVeritas office in Kansas City and dropped them off. This is whenVeritas decided to begin their digitization journey and convert over forty-thousand paper case files, each containing an average of 10documents, into electronic format.

Not all data is created equal

Veritas knew they needed an electronic document management solution that fully integrates into all their daily business processes and offers easy access to digitized documents and data. The new contract demanded Veritas maintain a secure, electronic document filing system that would pass any audits as well as IRS scrutiny. Additionally, Veritas needed a system that provided staff easy access to current document versions while away from the office – more specifically, inside the courtroom.

“When we were bidding on our first big contract, we needed a fully functional electronic document solution that fit the budget of a small business. Vasion blows the competition away in terms of integrated functionality and reasonable cost.”

Partnering up with Vasion for efficiency

Veritas decided on Vasion to intercept and digitize all paper coming into the office – whether in the mail, courier drop-off or email attachments – and utilize the user-friendly, integrated workflow to eliminate physical hand-offs. On top of that, new case files are created digitally as well as supporting documents without generating the paper that goes along with it.

Know what data you have, instantly access the data you need

“I have personally implemented document management solutions over the past 20 years,” says Alex Garnes, Sr Vice President of Veritas HHS,“I have never used a product that is so completely integrated functionally that is also close to 100% end-user maintainable. My company does not carry an IT staff so our digitizing solution has to be something we can maintain ourselves; however, every single time I have needed support, Vasion has been immediately responsive. We realize we are as mall customer but based on the level of support Vasion has provided ,we feel like their most important client.”

"Vasion blows the competition away in terms of integrated functionality and reasonable cost"

See how Veritas HHS digitized thousands of child support case files and established a paperless workflow for the state of Kansas with Vasion.