17 Ways to Automate Processes Across Healthcare Organizations

Providing exceptional care is at the core of healthcare. Regardless of department or type of provider, one thing is clear: Patients are at the heart of healthcare, not paper.

Paper processes are time-consuming, annoying, and no longer necessary. Replace your outdated, manual processes with a digital solution to cut costs, maintain compliance, and strengthen patient relationships across these 17 areas within your healthcare organization.


  1. HIPPA Compliance
    Comply with HIPPA regulations when managing healthcare records across all departments, including, medical providers, insurance, accounting, legal, and more.
  2. Radiology
    Make access to patient imaging and other unstructured content easy with only a few clicks. 
  3. Mental Health
    Streamline processes and reduce the use of paper to simplify services for enhanced patient care.
  4. Patient Records
    Manage unstructured data like patient imaging, documents, and videos easily for a complete, accessible patient record.
  5. OB/GYN
    Capture, index, and store ultrasound imaging with document managing capabilities for quick access.
  6. Health Content Management
    Access, store, and track content from your existing EMR/EHR databases in Vasion.
  7. Home Health
    Give home-health providers the ability to gather patient information and upload data on the go from anywhere.
  8. Accounts Payable
    Simplify access to information and automate payment requests and other processes while eliminating compliance risks.
  9. Admissions
    Streamline registration with intuitive eForms to capture patient information accurately and securely.
  10. Billing and Invoicing
    Expedite third-party billing with more accuracy while adhering to required regulations.
  11. Facilities Management
    Improve turnaround time on requests and business processes using a single, digital automation platform.
  12. Audit Department
    Expedite audits and denial of claims with thorough, round-the-clock document audit trails.
  13. Human Resources
    Digitize your paper processes from recruiting and onboarding to managing and securing employee files.
  14. Doctor’s Office
    Access accurate and current patient and provider information in real time.
  15. Cardiology
    Quickly build detailed reports, including imported images.
  16. Quality Control
    Meet QC objectives with instant dissemination of procedural updates and policy changes.
  17. Legal
    Process contract reviews and approvals quickly with automated workflows and legally binding electronic signatures.

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