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Going Paperless for Human Resources

HR employees are notoriously knee-deep in paperwork as they balance a myriad of responsibilities including personnel issues, recruiting, onboarding, offboarding, maintaining compliance, and the list goes on. Even with some automated processes in place that are reducing dependency on paper, your systems are typically disconnected. Managing multiple systems on top of your already delicate balancing act only increases your workload and perpetuates existing paper process complications.

When paperwork’s involved, a task can’t be automated. But you know in order to adjust to the modern workplace, you have to ditch the paper and digitally transform.

This begs the question, “How can you go paperless when your entire job is centered around paper processes?”

Keep reading for the answers you’ve been looking for.

What to Do With Your Backlog of Files

There’s a paper record for every new hire, review, bonus, and personnel note. You’re legally required to keep this data for not only company reference, but to uphold compliance regulations. The need for an excessive backlog of your organization’s information isn’t going away, but your filing cabinets can.

When using a digital solution like Vasion Automation Cloud, you can bring your existing paper on your digital transformation journey with you. You’re able to intelligently capture your complete backlog of paperwork and personnel records into digital files. Endless stacks of paper are a thing of the past.

How to Digitally Intake Employee Information

Intaking information is such a mind-numbing task—not even listening to your favorite podcast can make it bearable. You print and distribute a form, there are ink smudges, missing fields, illegible penmanship, and you haven’t even started inputting the new info into your collection of different systems (more on that below). It’s the same old song and dance every time.

However, Vasion’s tune is about to be your new favorite jam.

Instead of paper packets, you’re able to intake information using customizable eForms and gather eConsent with legally binding eSignatures. With digital intake, users can input their info from anywhere, on any smart device. This allows for quicker turnaround, accuracy, and convenience without the need of a single pen or clipboard.

Eliminate Manual Input With Automated Workflows 

While it’s great you can now digitize the intake process, that still leaves the input piece of the pie on your plate. Having to manually enter one employee’s repetitive information—name, address, birthday, etc.–-into multiple systems one key at a time, is equivalent to hearing nails on a chalkboard. You’re wasting hours per month doubling, tripling, and sometimes quadrupling the effort of repetitive tasks.

Circulate data through your organization with automated workflows. Whether you’re extending offer letters, distributing a new employee’s info to multiple systems, or updating contractors, you can now automate everyday tasks without any manual effort, freeing up your teams’ hands (literally).

Consider your time and sanity saved.

Oversee Operations Every Step of the Way

While paper processes have been working, they don’t provide any oversight capabilities. Once a document is printed and handed off, you have no way of knowing whether it’s been filled out, signed, or in-transit. Not to mention, whether it was placed in the correct manilla folder, which filing cabinet it’s stored in, whose desk it sits on, or if it was accidentally thrown out with last week’s mail.

You can say it…tracking the progress of paper-based tasks is a nightmare!

Oversee the entire document lifecycle from a single platform, including managing, storing, and sharing. Hold users accountable by pinpointing the bottleneck preventing tasks from being completed, prevent unauthorized access to confidential files, and view a detailed audit and history with a birds-eye-view of your content. Get your job done faster by sharing, reviewing, and storing your digital documents in a few clicks.

And never lose track of a task again.

Go paperless today, so you and your team can focus on the people in your organization, not paper processes.