Increase Employee Satisfaction With a Digital Document Management System

Every employer wants a staff that is content and committed in the workplace. However, not every organization is sure of how best to facilitate job satisfaction and engagement in the company. While there is no magic formula for ensuring that your team members value their position in your organization, there are ways to make sure that good employees stick around. Using a digital document management platform empowers your employees with simple tools and rewarding productivity. Also, employees can work from home while easily having access to the same documents they would if they were in the office. Here are three positive effects a digital document management platform can have on a workplace.

Workplace Mobility

One huge advantage of a digital document management system is workplace mobility. Employees can work at any time and from anywhere with a wifi signal and an appropriate device. However, this doesn’t only benefit the company. It’s a perk for your workforce as well. If life circumstances prevent a traditional work situation, your employees have the ability to be flexible and stay connected from any location. Instead of work travel or family needs putting your employees behind at the office, they stay well-connected and experience stress-free time away. In fact, research shows that employees are both more content and more efficient when they have the ability to work away from the office at home. Employees who are more content and efficient will want to stay around longer, thus benefiting your business.

Due to COVID-19, working from home has become a reality for many employees who typically worked every day in the office. During this time, digital document management is critical to the success of the business, as well as employee satisfaction. In this already-stressful time, businesses should be looking for ways to make things easier and less anxiety-provoking for their employees. One easy update is to go completely digital. Through e-forms, digital workflows, and the integrations of various drives, employees can have access to everything they need from the comfort of their own home.

Once the global pandemic is over, many businesses have indicated that some of their employees will continue to work from home, at least part-time. In addition to increasing employee satisfaction, this also allows the company to save on rent by reducing office space. It also gives businesses the opportunity to hire employees even if they don’t live nearby.

Fewer Interruptions

When every request, report, and proposal requires your employees to stop other work and shuffle papers, frustration levels stay high. A digital document management platform integrates your many data systems and keeps your workflow natural and efficient. Your employees no longer need to disconnect from tasks in order to deal with urgent requests. Instead, with integrated notifications, e-signature capabilities, and automated workflow, team members can easily queue tasks in order and avoid the frustrations of frequent interruption. With a digital document platform, you will see your employees’ productivity increase. They will feel much less frustrated as interruptions will be fewer and thus they’ll have more time to complete their work. Also, going digital can help improve the quality of employee work. With fewer interruptions, they won’t feel so rushed to just get their work done as soon as possible. Thus, higher-quality work will be produced.

Additionally, dealing with all tasks electronically drastically cuts down on paper waste and cycle times. Your employees will be able to save a lot of space in their office or cubicles by not having to find places to store old paperwork and documents.

Project Automation

There are few greater frustrations in the workplace than being let down by a coworker dropping the ball. While few team members will intentionally renege on their work obligations, it is not unusual in analog or disconnected offices for tasks to be missed or neglected. This is especially true these days, when most people are working from home and the best form of communication is Zoom meetings. A digital document management platform overcomes these challenges through project automation. By automatically notifying team members of due dates, project changes, high-priority items, and completed tasks, your document system keeps everyone connected and moving forward. Employees are naturally more satisfied with a workplace where they feel included and part of a successful team.

With digital workflows and project automation, employee satisfaction also increases because they are better able to take ownership of their work. With these types of systems, it is clear who completes what work and when. Bosses are better able to directly recognize the work done by their employees. This proves helpful when it comes time for annual reviews. All projects are documented through a digital trail so it is easy for employees to show all of their work and success throughout the year. Positive employee reviews lead to happy employees!

To create a powerhouse team, your first step is finding excellent employees. But the team building doesn’t stop there. The tools and systems you provide your team determine how integrated, engaged, and satisfied your employees are with your organization. Choosing a digital document management platform brings your company many benefits, including increasing your employees’ commitment and satisfaction. Employee retention rates are a strong indicator of a company with good processes in place that make work easier and more enjoyable. Employee retention also saves a business time and money. Always having to replace unhappy employees who have quit takes up a lot of time and energy across various departments in the company. Interested in learning more? Contact Vasion today for more information about our digital document management platforms and how they can help improve employee satisfaction at your business.