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Orchestrate Your Automation

It’s not enough to automate processes here and there. You need a way to surface and orchestrate all the automations from across the org. And you need it without extra devs, resources, or never-ending services.


Deliver Automation to Everyone

Spread the work with a no-code, drag-and-drop interface that helps you enable and manage citizen automators.

Drive Efficiency and Unparalleled Visibility

Smash silos and get the visibility and accountability you need to solve for efficiency—while easily maintaining compliance.

Scale with Insights You Can Only Get from AI

Get access to the data you need and the AI to make sense of it, to pivot, scale, and make a measurable impact to your business.


Content Management




Document Capture

A fully integrated platform with everything you need to automate and orchestrate your processes, boost efficiency, keep data secure, and succeed in the digital future.

Learn How Orchestrated Automation Will Improve Your Business


Affordable Automation for Every Organization

See how Vasion helped the John Boner Neighborhood Centers begin their digital transformation and automate processes to better serve their community.


The Vasion platform is the SaaS solution the market has been asking for: simple to use with low code features that empower users on their Digital Transformation journey without taking them to the cleaner in development costs.

Garrick Nickel

Sales Manager


Our value proposition in a competitive marketplace like New York has always been that of flexibility. We need to be able to offer our clients several technical solutions to fit their ever-changing environment. Vasion has been an incredible partner for LDI. The software and services they provide are flexible enough to fit all of our clients, big or small.

Stephen Uresk


Technology Solutions

DRC made the switch to Vasion software two years ago to replace selected legacy document management systems for its clients. DRC is now moving ahead with plans to replace all legacy systems with Vasion software to support customer document archiving requirements and key service bureau back-office workflow functions.

Barry Braun

VP Business Development


Accelerate Your Digital Future

Digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a necessity. The Vasion platform helps you streamline and automate business processes to rapidly accelerate your organization’s digital journey to a fully automated future.

Easier Way to Automate

Create automated workflows to streamline repetitive tasks, connect processes cross-departmentally and company-wide, and eliminate siloed systems. It’s easier than you think to implement and start leveraging the power of orchestrated automation.

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Integrate Your Print Output

Whether your goal is to go fully digital or streamline your processes, printing is still vital to the success of many businesses. But print servers are not. Experience how reducing your infrastructure with serverless printing empowers your organization with integrated and automated print output.

Discover PrinterLogic

Mobile App

The Vasion Mobile app gives you quick accessibility to your daily workflows and important documents, wherever and whenever. Download for free today on iOS and Android.

Orchestrating the automations in your organization is easier than you think.

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