Not All Enterprise Document Storage Solutions Are Equal

Your choice to use an electronic document solution is an easy one. After all, EDMS will define document storage in the future, and you want to ensure that your company is relevant. Choosing which document software to use is a different matter. The market is full of options, ranging from free online file-sharing to expensive, package-based programs. It’s important to realize that not all enterprise document storage solutions are equal. The key is finding a solution that fits with your company and that can help make you more efficient and productive. In the end, a good EDMS will help improve your bottom line! Here are some key questions to ask to help you find the right document solution for your needs.

What Are Your Document Goals?

First, you must clarify the goals of your document storage. If you’re simply looking for a place to keep electronic documents in case you need them, your needs are minimal. It won’t be hard to find a good fit. On the other hand, if you are looking for high-quality encryption, automated indexing for quick searches, and the ability to grow, your needs are more specific and your software really matters. Also, think about the scale of your documents. If you are a business with a lot of documents (paper or digital), you will probably want a system with more capabilities. Also, is your plan to go completely digital in the near future? If so, picking an EDMS with high-tech scanning capabilities is a must. An ideal platform can use AI technology to extract information from scanned documents so that it knows how to categorize and store the form within the database. Before you go searching through enterprise document storage solutions, define what services you’re looking for.

Who Will Be Accessing Your Documents?

Secondly, look at your users. Many electronic document service providers base at least some of their pricing on the number of accounts you require. Each user receives unique credentials which grant them access to the files they need, according to permissions set by the company. If you are a small organization with minimal outside collaboration, your user numbers will be small. Alternatively, if your organization regularly gives clients, contractors, and outside advisors access to your documents, your user requirements will be higher. Also, consider asking about options for temporary usernames and passwords if your business requires approval and signatures from outside parties. Whoever is looking at your documents, rest assured that EDMS databases are very secure. Your documents will only be viewed/edited by those with permission to see them. At Vasion, our system uses encryption with stored documents and documents in transit. This means that your documents are protected at all times. Enterprise document storage solutions greatly reduce the chances of someone hacking into your data and stealing information.

How Do You Use Your Documents?

Finally, look at the movement and life cycles of your documents. If the majority of your files are user-specific and rarely pass between users, you primarily need a system that stores and indexes your documents for future use. However, if your business uses a collaborative process that includes creating, editing, approving, and storing files throughout a department or team, look for a wider range of functions. The Vasion platform has an automated workflow feature where businesses can create tasks and projects to assign to various employees. Documents can be attached and signed off on within the workflow. Tasks are given a priority level so that employees know what to focus on first. Users receive emails when tasks are complete. This system enables employees to better communicate with each other and have more knowledge about the status of the projects they are working on.

Also, think about how your business currently stores digital files. Many businesses find their documents spread across various systems and drives, like internal documents folders on computers, Google Drive, and OneDrive. A good document management platform will be able to integrate all of these systems so that your documents are all located in one place. This makes documents much easier to access, which boosts productivity all around! It also helps users keep track of documents making sure that they aren’t lost. The search and categorizing capabilities of an enterprise document management platform will make it simple to find exactly what you are looking for. Long gone are the days where you have to search through multiple drives and file cabinets just to find one form!

Another thing you want to consider is how your company uses paper documents. Is your plan to go fully digital? If so, brainstorm how an enterprise document storage platform can help that goal become a reality. Any paper forms your business uses, such as new hire paperwork, patient registration forms, etc., can be created as digital forms within the software. The best part is, everything can be printed within the software, meaning no more paper copies! In addition, the e-signature features make it possible to securely sign documents electronically. Going paperless may sound overwhelming but with a good EDMS, the process will be seamless. Enterprise document storage solutions are capable of a vast number of useful and specific forms of document handling. Clarifying the systematic ways you use documents assists you in finding the right software for your needs.

Just like any major purchase, enterprise document storage solutions require research and expert advice. First consider how you use, store, and access your documents. Think about whether you are looking for additional features like automated workflows or e-signature capabilities. Your business goals and processes will guide you in the correct direction when searching for enterprise document storage platforms. If your company is in the market for excellent document management software, consider reaching out to Vasion. With a wide range of document services and a history of stellar customer service, we can walk you through finding the perfect document solution for your needs.