The Benefits of Moving to a Content Management System for Productivity

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’ve come to understand a little bit about what a content management system, or a CMS, is. A CMS can help your business save time and money. It makes employees more productive and boosts motivation. Overall, a good CMS can help you see positive changes in your bottom line. It can also help your business grow. If you are looking for your employees to be more productive, you are not alone. Many companies strive for ultimate productivity to get more work done in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, if employees feel productive, they typically have higher job satisfaction than those who think they are wasting time “stuck in the weeds” doing repetitive, mundane tasks. A CMS has many benefits, but an important one to focus on is how it supports increased productivity.

A CMS Provides Quality Control


First and foremost, putting a CMS in place will save your organization the pain of unregulated content. Imagine a scenario where you have a variety of employees who are working on the same project without firm guidelines. A CMS solution would eliminate unauthorized publications, thereby saving you time, energy, and frustration. With appropriate safeguards in place, your team can write, edit, and publish consistent work every single time. One struggle that many businesses experience is having multiple copies of documents. These documents might be saved to various places like Google Drive, the company hard drive, or even an employee’s desktop. A CMS allows different users to be working on the same document at the same time. Changes are in real time, so employees can see their coworkers updating documents without a delay. The document is always the most up-to-date version. No more worrying about finding the latest version of the document and weeding through different versions. Employees will be more productive working together on one document with real-time updates.

A Content Management System Makes Customers Happier


Another reason to put a CMS in place involves what customers see when they visit your website. Since you will be employing a service provider to design and manage the overall look of your website, customers will be able to navigate your site easily. Organized sections and clear instructions will allow visitors to reach out to your team quickly and without a lot of frustrating digging. Quicker access means a faster outcome for your team. Through automated forms, customers can fill out documents to do things like contact you or schedule an appointment. Each time a form is submitted, it is routed to the proper employee. Over time, employees will become much more productive as they are getting these forms directly routed to them instead of them getting lost amongst hundreds of other emails. Thus, response time will be faster, leading to happier customers.

In addition to a contact form, you can use other automated forms to help customers who are navigating your website. Forms for online bill payment are an excellent option for medical providers, lawyers, accountants, and more! This is a much easier way for customers to pay their bills, as opposed to mailing payment back to you. Your billing department will see a considerable boost in productivity because they will receive payments faster and spend less time sending out reminders or tracking down missing payments. Once a customer fills out their billing information, the CMS will route the payment to the correct employee for approval/check-off, and then it will store the information in the customer’s profile. This is an easy way to keep track of billing. The billing department can efficiently run reports on payments received and payments still outstanding.

A Content Management System Save Time When Creating New Content


The third reason to consider adding a CMS for productivity involves updates. While the overall design of your site will likely stay pretty consistent, the ways you do business will likely always be changing. A CMS allows your team to add new content without completely rewriting everything you’ve ever done. This is possible because your CMS will update information everywhere it needs to be updated. Time not spent cleaning up old content is time that can be spent on creating even newer content.

Easy Reporting

Another way a CMS helps a business to be more productive is through the ease of reporting. Most companies run a lot of reports. Typically, each department has reports that they run on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Without a CMS, creating these reports often takes a long time. Data is pulled from multiple sources or manually entered, loaded into a spreadsheet, and then a lot of time is spent organizing and sorting data so it’s easy to understand. A CMS simplifies the reporting process. Documents are already all in one place and organized. Through advanced search features, employees can quickly seek out the data they need by searching for keywords and specific numbers. Detailed reports can be produced from the CMS, helping make employees much more productive. Creating and analyzing reports is vital to the health of any business, but it should be done efficiently and productively. By allowing your employees to spend less time creating reports, they will be able to focus more on other areas of their work.

A Content Management System Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Now that you’ve seen a little bit about how adding a CMS can improve your productivity, take a look at how Vasion can make your CMS a reality. Think about how finding the right content management system solution can provide the best possible outcome for your customers, your employees, and your business as a whole. When you’re ready, let Vasion help you build the perfect CMS platform. Contact us today to get started!