Transition to Paperless Document Management the Simple Way

Are you sick of having to store excessive paper records, but know you have to for auditing and compliance regulations? Of course you are. We could bet you’ve got paper documents in storage dating back to before the first Star Wars movie debuted in 1978, right? Yet, your storage process still hasn’t changed in the time the franchise released 9 more movies and a television series. Something’s gotta change.

Transitioning to paperless document management feels impossible for organizations working in the healthcare industry–the cost, multiple systems for different features, and the need to keep your backlog of records. But, it is possible with only a single integrated system, Vasion Suite. Don’t just take our word for it, keep reading.

Digitize All Paper Records

Guess what? You can go digital AND bring your decades of records along with you. Whether you’re a hospital, family clinic, or long-term care facility, Vasion Suite can digitize your past records no matter the volume or type of file.

What were once rooms, floors, or offsite spaces chucked full of filing cabinets can be digital files you’re able to search through and access with a few clicks of your mouse. Now, your team can send urgent patient records between facilities, refer to past treatment plans, or see a full patient’s medical history in seconds. Vasion’s solution can also integrate with your existing EMR and EHR databases for streamlined paperless document management across all electronic files you’re working with.

Access your past, present and future documents digitally with Vasion Suite.

Don’t Break the Bank

You know advanced solutions exist to help you go digital, but the price tag has you frozen in your tracks. Even more, for a complete digital transformation you’d have to purchase multiple systems to meet all of your needs. What seems like a distant dream for the day you finally get a bigger budget can be your reality, no budgeting increases needed.

With digital transformation software like Vasion Suite, you eliminate the need for siloed systems, and subsequently the additional price tags. Our single solution gives you the features necessary to capture past files into digital documents, store your entire backlog of content, automate document workflow, and sign from anywhere with legally binding eSignatures.

Don’t worry, we don’t upcharge you for additional features either–you’ll have everything you need to go digital on day one with a single and affordable integrated platform.

Protect Data Around the Clock

We know you’re probably bursting with excitement at the possibility of going digital, but hold it together for one last section. Vasion Suite wouldn’t be the all-in-one digital transformation software it is without its security capabilities.

Your organization intakes, accesses, and shares confidential patient and provider information day in and day out. Protecting and upholding the compliance regulations of your facility’s data isn’t negotiable, period. That’s why we enforce retention policies, encrypt documents and data in transit and at rest, restrict unauthorized viewing of confidential files, control internal and external file sharing, and track data and EMR/EHR records with detailed audit trails. Additionally, Vasion Suite complies with HIPPA and HIT regulations.

Gain the visibility necessary to protect your data without the overhead manpower and cost.

Start your simple transition to paperless document management, with Vasion.