Vasion: Manage Document Workflow Software to Boost Productivity

When you start a business, a lot of what you do is a scramble. You have a competitive product or service you bring to market, but that’s about all you’ve got going for you. Most of what you do is driving sales and reacting to what’s coming at you. As your business grows, you hire more people to take on designated roles so you can focus on making things more efficient, optimizing workflows, and improving your offerings. One of the best tools to help you do that is document workflow software. Improving workflows eliminates wasted time and improves productivity across your organization. Increased productivity will help your business save both time and money. Also, productive employees tend to be happier, thus reducing workplace turnover. Here are some of the ways document workflow software helps.

Faster Onboarding


For businesses, especially growing companies, hiring the right people is huge. The right people can push your company in the right direction, while the wrong hires can bog you down in frustrating legal battles. Getting new hires up to speed quickly makes a tremendous difference. When you’re a small business, it’s hard to spare the time of employees or your HR team to train and walk new hires through all the necessary paperwork around policies and procedures. A document workflow software platform can give new hires a path to follow in training. It gets them ready for the demands of the job faster so they can spend more time contributing to team efforts.

Companies can save a lot of money on HR costs through this document workflow process. In the past, HR would often put together all the new hire paperwork and training processes and either print/deliver in person to the new hire or send it via email. Once the new hire completed the paperwork, an HR employee would file it away or enter it into a database on the computer. With a document workflow software platform, this whole process becomes a lot faster and a lot easier. New hires can browse through and complete new hire paperwork and training on their own time and simply save once they are done. HR can quickly access these documents on their end. Many companies spend a lot of time and money on the hiring/onboarding process, which is made a lot easier by a high-quality document workflow software platform.

Automated Document Workflow Software


When you get more comfortable with document workflow software, you can start to automate how documents move in and around your organization. Contracts and follow-up documents can be sent and received automatically. No one has to spend time checking boxes. Computers can handle this type of work. Reports can be generated automatically so they are there when you need them. File management systems organize on their own. Thanks to automated workflows, team projects become much easier. A digital workflow lists project steps and assigns them to the applicable employee or department. Tasks are ranked by priority so that everyone knows what to focus on first. Supervisors will receive emails once tasks are complete. All of these features help increase productivity. Back-and-forth emails and long meetings can be avoided, because the status of projects can easily be seen in the workflow.

Software Helps You Scale


Document workflow software and other technology solutions improve productivity by removing repetitive, mundane tasks from employees’ desks. They help workers think and solve complex problems because they’re not weighted down by rote work. Documents are replicable and where they expect them to be, so work is done better and faster. Also, instead of printing off hundreds of pages to file away, digital documents can be printed directly to the cloud. No more wasting time on submitting print tickets and dealing with broken/malfunctioning printers. Companies that embrace workflow refinement with software solutions see an ability to scale because their employees can take on more meaningful work. Employees are happier if they are assigned more challenging work. This is a factor that helps with employee retention.

Better Communication

Companies with better communication skills are more productive. Many businesses waste so much time having long, drawn-out meetings or spending hours going back and forth over emails. With a document workflow software platform, communication is easy. Documents automatically flow back and forth between different users. Notifications are set so employees know when something is completed or when they need to work on a task. Something as simple as improved communication can help move the needle and make your company more profitable. Better communication not only improves productivity and employee satisfaction, it also improves the relationships between employees and their supervisors as projects and tasks are always very clear.

Easy to Work From Home

An increasing number of employees find themselves working from home these days. WIth document workflow software, employees who are teleworking can be just as productive as they would be in the office. The software allows documents and forms to be stored electronically. They can be accessed from anywhere a user has wifi – home included! In addition, the software provides employees with secure ways to e-sign documents. This means even when there are things to sign, they can still do it from the comfort of their own home. Vasion software secures e-signatures with PKI encryption. The e-signature process is e-Sign Act and UETA Act compliant.

Vasion provides document workflow software solutions to companies and other organizations looking to boost productivity. Printing and documents are an essential part of your workflows, but those workflows could become simpler with digital transformation. Digital document management helps organizations maintain their workflows from start to finish boosting the productivity of all employees involved. At Vasion, we work with your team to identify what can be refined and help you work smarter. Contact us today for more information.