Workflow and Document Management: How to Boost Productivity

No matter the size of your business, success boils down to having the right workflow. When you can get things done in a smooth and timely way, you can improve everything from desk work to customer interactions. The businesses with the best workflows are the ones that thrive more than all the others.

Of course, to get the right workflow, it’s important to have two things: the right knowledge and the right tools. Here at Vasion, we’re here to help with both. To provide the right tools, our digital document management platform is designed to help your company optimize all of its processes. Once you digitize your document management, you’ll notice your company moving from task to task more smoothly and securely.

For the right knowledge, we’re here to help you get started. Below, you’ll find some important information about company workflow and how to improve it. Keep reading to get a closer look.

What is workflow?

Workflow is how work gets done. It’s the process of getting from point A to point Z. A lot of factors go into establishing a good workflow. Again, you’ll need the right tools, and that’s where digital document management comes in.

Consider all the work that you and your team members put into your documents. With printing, copying, updating, and getting signatures, your documents require a lot of work. Tasks such as waiting for a printer or delivering a document can interrupt company workflow and make transitions complicated.

However, if you switch to digital document management, you’ll improve those transitions almost immediately. Employees can make updates seamlessly, so there’s no need to play catch-up between team members. Digital documents reduce the need for printing, so you won’t have long lines at the office printer.

Digital document management can improve office workflow in virtually every way. You just have to know how to get started. Here’s the process we recommend.

1. Conquer the tough stuff first.

First of all, don’t hurt your workflow by working the wrong way. When you want to switch to digital document management, we recommend making the biggest changes first. Which department has the biggest workflow improvement needs? Which sector could benefit the most from switching to digital content management?

Choose the big tasks first, and try to avoid multitasking. When you start with most difficult projects, you may notice a domino effect. The bigger changes help to kick off the smaller changes, so each subsequent improvement is easier than the last.

2. Communicate frequently with your peers.

As you work on productivity and workflow, don’t forget to communicate with your team members along the way. Find out how they feel about the new changes. Ask them if they have any input.

Some business owners like to schedule company meetings before introducing any new software solutions or policy changes. This way, they can introduce everyone to the new workflow updates at the same time, and they can provide a space for team members to ask questions.

In addition to scheduling meetings, it’s also important to take breaks and have smaller chats with individual team members. You can learn a lot about your company’s workflow from these talks.

In any case, communication is always important, and it’s especially important whenever a company introduces changes. Good communication helps to strengthen morale, and a strong morale improves workflow.

3. Adopt a growth mindset. 

A third idea is to have a growth mindset as you implement company changes. Growing a business requires attention to the people and the product, which is part of the reason digital content management provides so many benefits to businesses. When your team members don’t have to focus on files, they can focus more fully on the work that matters. They can pay closer attention to customers, come up with exciting project ideas, and think about the big picture rather than the everyday details.

When you want to make workflow improvements, focus on the people and projects that your company does well. Think of ways to improve on other projects. Choose a digital workflow process that supports all workers. When you approach all of these things with a growth mindset, you may notice some big changes fast.

4. Encourage open communication at all levels.

We already talked about communication above, but make sure that you’re fostering communication at all levels. Communication shouldn’t just take place between you and your team members; it should happen at every level of the company.

Consider the importance of a culture that values the opinions and lifestyles of all employees within the organization. Using the first three concepts above, workflow can become a strong part of your company culture and truly enhance the collaborations needed for success. When fewer boundaries exist, there is nothing that can’t be achieved.

5. Find the right experts to help your workflow.

Consider how the steps above can improve your workflow. Then find an expert to help you go further. You can get a lot from your content management, but all content management platforms are the same. Some provide more benefits than others, but you want the best if you’re going to grow your business with improved workflows.

So, what makes a digital content management platform better than others? You can look for several factors when you explore software solutions. First of all, your platform should be flexible. You’ll want to be able to customize your document management to your own needs. Every business has its own unique workflow, and your content management platform should fit yours well.

On that note, your platform should also be scalable. This way, you don’t pay for things that you don’t need, but you also leave room for growth. While you’re exploring, look for safety and efficiency, too.


Vasion offers all of the above qualities and more with our digital content management platform. Ready to learn more about your content management options? Contact us today. We’d love to have a chat with you and answer your questions about documents and workflow.