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Enable Powerful Workflows Across Any Organization

With Vasion, documents and data can flow seamlessly into third-party systems and applications, eliminating information silos and connecting your entire organization.

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Real Time Workflow Status and Alerts

  • Automate key document flows and eliminate manual processing bottlenecks.
  • Identify workflows that need to be expedited or rerouted with advanced reporting.
  • Create task lists for users with required actions to ensure workflows are managed correctly.

User-Friendly Workflow Builder

Easily address Serial and Parallel Workflow processes.
Integrate workflows across the Vasion Platform as well as third-party applications
Support custom user actions, e-signature, and e-consent.
Utilize our web-based, no-code workflow creator.

Workflow Sources

  • Mobile capture and upload into workflow.
  • Scan to workflows from multi-function printers and scanners.
  • Print directly into workflows.
  • Initiate workflows directly from e-form submission.
  • Trigger workflows from third-party applications and databases.

Compliance, Security, and Integration

  • Enforce compliance and regulatory standards with workflow auditing and reporting.
  • Increase transparency and accountability with tracking and notifications.
  • Incorporate workflow into existing applications with native connectors and database triggers.

Vasion is the best DMS we've reviewed it's a single, easy-to-use source that maintains control for all staff, with quick and easy access whether they're in or out of office..”

Alan Nusbaum
President & Project Manager, Connectis