Focus on the public, not paperwork

Ditch your time-consuming paper processes with a single integrated platform. From applications and permits, to request forms and licensing for multiple districts, it’s finally quick and affordable for your municipality, county, or state to go digital.


Eliminate Manual Processes With an All-in-One Solution

Intelligently capture existing citizen and public records to digitize and streamline your processes
Automate workflows for faster-paced government processes, citizen requests, and more
Create customizable eForms and legally binding eSignatures for quicker turnaround
Securely store data and meet compliance standards without manual oversight

Increase Turnaround Time on Citizen Requests

Get the right information to citizens quicker by eliminating your paper stacks and digitizing existing township, city, and county records, and intake processes. Exchange and relay data in a few clicks without ever having to print, mail, scan, fax, or misplace physical documents.


Streamline Routine Citizen Services

Assist citizens in real-time by going digital. Streamline administrative processes with accessible online self-service options and automated routine requests, resulting in faster turnaround on services for citizens.


Enable Remote Employees

Facilitate a hybrid work model with digital processes in place, permitting employees to create, store, and access documents from their smart device while offering expanded online citizen services.


Protect Data Without Manual Oversight

Manage, store, and exchange data instantly without the risk. Prevent unauthorized access to confidential files and control user permissions with document-level encryption in transit and at rest. Uphold compliance standards with a detailed audit history and reporting.

Streamline Your Process

Prioritize the efficiency of your municipality, county, or state government’s operations by implementing these six digital processes, with a single solution.

See how a Government Agency used digital workflows to increase their efficiency and drastically reduce paper.