December Feature Updates

Simplified Scanning Product Announcement

Simplified Scanning has arrived!

Simplify how you manage scanning across your organization and create an easier way for your teams to share documents digitally with Simplified Scanning–especially for your more paper-heavy departments!

Scan To Email is enabled and available now for all PrinterLogic SaaS customers as an embedded application on the Control Panel Application. Check out the documentation to get started today.

Scan To Cloud includes the ability to send scans to configured cloud destinations for Google Drive, Sharepoint, OneDrive, and Box. Scan To Cloud is available for PrinterLogic SaaS customers by request, reach out to your Customer Success Manager when you’re ready to start.

Visit our Simplified Scanning webpage for additional details and FAQs. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to see why we’re excited about this forward step to unify the scanning and collaboration experience. Support for the Virtual Appliance will be announced at a later date.


Feature Updates

The Output Management API Print Service

Our new API Print Service extends the capabilities of Output Management to web-based applications that aren’t natively equipped to communicate via typical print protocols. Our RESTful API easily connects your systems with PrinterLogic to route and deliver documents to your desired destinations, with high levels of security, control, and visibility.

Visit our Output Management webpage and schedule a demo to learn more. 


Review Release Notes

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