Document Management for Lawyers: Three Advantages You Should Know

Law firms are busy places. On TV, law offices are filled with people rushing around, making important phone calls, and holding intense meetings. Piles of paper and manila folders are stacked up on every desk. Of course, in reality, the daily work in a law firm isn’t quite so dramatic, but still, the high work pace is real.

Thankfully, today’s attorneys have several options to help them keep up with their tasks, and document management is one of them. In fact, it’s one of the most important tools that today’s lawyers have at their disposal.

Document management for lawyers has come a long way over the years. It’s not just filing cabinets and manila envelopes anymore. Today, law firms use advanced software solutions to stay on top of client matters and get things done. These software solutions make communication regarding cases more efficient between offices and clients. Here are three of the best advantages software management gives lawyers.


Improved Communication Flow

Since we already mentioned improved communication, let’s dive a little deeper into this particular advantage. Communication between lawyers and clients is more important today than it has ever been in the past. One reason is because businesses run globally now. Even small and medium-sized businesses have the potential for global reach with e-commerce.

This increased reach has also increased the demand for attorney communication. Attorneys need to be able to represent clients across cities, states, and countries. They must reach just as far as their clients do. As a result, firms often work with a network of law offices across regions to provide the best support for clients.

This increased communication, of course, comes with a lot of advantages. For instance, it means business growth and more revenue for plenty of law firms. However, it also comes with some complications, and law offices must handle those complications effectively to avoid communication issues and even compliance failures.

Documents in particular can cause complications in these cases. Lawyers must keep their documents organized, accessible, and straightforward. Document management for lawyers needs to remain absolutely on point so that communication and document transfer happens fast. Cloud-based solutions generally work best when it comes to document management for lawyers. These solutions help make accessing and changing files a quick process. Law firms can send documents quickly, easily, and securely without any unnecessary complications.

The Right Document Management Keeps Information Secure

Organizations that deal with sensitive information are often targeted in malware attacks. That information is valuable to hackers. Since law firms often handle important client information, they must use a document management system that will keep this information safe.

Protecting client and case information is critical in legal work. In fact, a lawyer’s reputation hinges on his or her ability to keep information confidential and use it to protect client interests. A single mistake can significantly affect a firm’s reputation and ability to attract new business. Without a strong document management system, law firms risk losing information or seeing that information fall into the wrong hands.

The weaker the document management is, the more room there is for careless mistakes. Those mistakes can lead to a loss of trust, and once an attorney loses that trust, it’s virtually impossible to gain it back. At best, an attorney in this situation will only strain their relationship with one client. At worst, this attorney will lose their reputation and maybe even their business as a whole.

That’s why document management for lawyers must meet higher standards than ordinary document management solutions. It’s not just about having easy access to the right files; It’s about keeping those files in a safe place. Thankfully, when a document management platform is designed specifically for lawyers, users can expect high safety and security standards from that platform.

Document management for lawyers that uses modern software has access controls and anti-malware software to fight off any bad actors trying to get at information. As long as end users keep up with the software’s updates, they can protect their files, and by extension, their clients’ information.

Document Management for Lawyers Increases Case Load

Plenty of attorneys would love to take on more cases but just don’t have the time or space to do so. Their already-busy lives leave little room for work-life balance. That’s too bad, because for some attorneys, a higher case load would be preferable thanks to the increased funding and ability to help more people.

Turning away clients can be heartbreaking, but it can become less of a problem with good document management. The right document management for lawyers helps attorneys take on and manage more cases. Indeed, document management software makes work more efficient, which means increased revenue for firms. When documents are less cluttered and easily accessible, lawyers don’t have to busy themselves with organization. Often, this can mean both more time for themselves and more time to take on new clients. These clients also benefit because more people get access to the best firms. Lawyers don’t have to turn people away when they are in need of legal help for a crisis.

Vasion’s Document Management for Lawyers

However, finding the right document management platform isn’t always easy. If you’re considering a new option, you’ll want to make sure that it’s the best one. You’ll also want access to excellent support as you switch over to your new document management platform. The Vasion team is here to help with that.

Vasion works with law firms on a regular basis to find the right software management solutions. We help lawyers manage files, cases, and clients more efficiently and safely. Additionally, we help keep your client files protected with the security and access control that software provides. The solutions are easy to learn and quick to deploy. Take your practice to the next step by reviewing your document management platform. We stand ready to help consult and offer answers to how software can make your firm work better. If you have questions about software for law firms, contact our team today to hear how we can help.