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How to Eliminate Your Printers

Printing still plays a pivotal role in the workplace, but is the pain of printing still necessary? 

Single-function printers perpetuate paper-based processes that are difficult to manage, costly, and prevent you from modernizing. 

Your predecessors may have had to suffer through the paper jams and inefficiencies, but you don’t. Learn how to take the next step in your digital transformation by eliminating your organization’s single-function printers and the frustrations they create in three easy steps. 


Step 1: Digitize Everyday Processes

We’re in the digital era, so why are you still doing everything by hand? Printers–that’s why. If your office is still printing, employees are still signing, editing, mailing, scanning, and filing manually while you’re physically repairing and servicing printers. 

To finally kick your printers to the curb, you need an alternative way of getting work done. Digitizing your office processes replaces the need for single-function printers and their on-premise infrastructure. With a single digital solution, employees can sign, edit, and send documents electronically while storing and accessing all company content from one repository. 

You’ll never have to change toner, ink, or fix a paper jam ever again, freeing you up to solve more important IT problems.    


Step 2: Reduce Your Tech Stack

At this point, you have probably implemented some single-point systems here or there. The problem is they were most likely band-aid solutions you deferred to when adapting to the remote work environment on a dime. Unfortunately, the bill for each system is eating away at your budget, preventing you from adopting all the solutions you need to finally cut out printing. 

Rather than purchasing every new bell and whistle that comes along and crowding your tech stack, implement only one solution that includes the key digital tools you need to replace paper processes.


Single-function applications Vasion replaces with one solution:

  • eSignature
  • Storage
  • Content management
  • Automation software
  • Data capture tool
  • PDF editor
  • Collaboration tool                                                  
  • Print management


Step 3: Integrate with Existing Solutions

To finally ditch your single-function printers for good, you need a cohesive tech stack ready to supplement your eradicated paper processes. Although you’ve consolidated your stack (as outlined above), that doesn’t mean your systems are connected just yet. 

For a cohesive stack, you’ll need to automate workflows between systems. However, you can’t sacrifice removing third-party integrations that are vital to operations regardless of your inability to automate processes amongst them. 

You require a solution that works seamlessly with leading third-party applications to streamline and connect processes throughout your stack. This ensures company content is protected, accessible, and organized at all times, so you’ll no longer have a need for single-function printers and paper-based processes. 


Vasion integrations include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics and Office Add-ins
  • Salesforce
  • Blackbaud
  • OCR
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Textract
  • EHR/EMR Databases
  • ERP Solutions
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Amazon WorkDocs
  • Box
  • Wasabi
  • Identity Providers (IdPs)

Vasion will meet you wherever you’re at on your digital transformation journey with a single solution to help you eliminate the need for single-function printers in your workplace.  

Take the next step in your journey and start your conversation today.