Vasion Suite for Financial Services Organizations

“Out with the old, in with the new” can seem daunting, or perhaps frivolous when it comes to upgrading business processes. In relation to financial services organizations, there are decades worth of pertinent paper records you can’t leave behind for a digital system. Not to mention those systems you have in place are also getting the job done, so you’ve probably asked yourself, “Why replace what’s already working?”

But what if we told you it could be working better? Better for you, better for your clients, better for your bottom line, all without risking your company’s integrity or compliance regulations.

Vasion Suite was designed to work seamlessly together to automate your business processes and connect your entire organization with a single, affordable platform. Learn how each component will benefit any financial services organization.

Vasion Signature

Wet ink signatures have become a nuisance in the workplace. No, we’re not just talking about the ink smearing across your hand and important documents, but the time, effort, and hidden costs behind this everyday occurrence in business.

We’re here to tell you there’s a better way to sign.

Forget having to print, sign, scan, mail, and wait for the document’s return while cosigners follow the same long list of steps–all to finalize a single agreement. Or having to flip through dozens of pages trying to find the dotted line. With Vasion Signature, you can sign your digital document with an electronic legally-binding signature*, email the document to cosigners, and gather all signatures before you’ve finished your first cup of coffee.

Even further, you can track every step of the signature process. You’ll be notified when recipients received, opened, signed, and completed all signature requests. Not only will you thank us for the hours, resources, and manpower all significantly reduced, but your clients’ will thank you for a seamless signing experience on their end.


Documents and forms are underlying constants for any company in the financial service realm. They’re the foundation for intaking and managing all company, client, and staffing information. While integral to business processes, they’re bulky and can be tedious nonetheless.

For example, as long as it takes to review dozens of pages for client onboarding, it takes just as long on the backend to sift through and verify the new information. Miserable, right?

Time can be better spent elsewhere for both parties by simply digitizing your physical documents with Capture. The capture feature saves you hours of work everyday by automating the data capture process. This includes Capture’s intelligent OCR (optical character recognition) feature that converts text on a scanned document to digital data that is automatically imported to Storage and Workflows within the Vasion Suite (more to come on these features below). Vasion’s powerful AIP feature also allows you to extract additional types of data outside of text by accessing uploaded or captured document images to identify barcode and OMR zones.

We’re not done yet…another way to “capture” data  is with the Forms application that allows users to create and fill out intuitive eForms (electronic forms), omitting printing, scanning, and mailing from the previous manual process. Forms mitigates data-entry errors from illegible handwriting or missed required fields, eliminating the back-and-forth between parties to get the form filled out correctly. Simply click, type, and review without the paper cuts.

Document Management

So far, we’ve covered a faster way to sign and share documents which is helpful, but how are you going to organize your digital documents you ask? With Document Management from the suite which allows you to securely store and manage documents and data while upholding compliance requirements.

Goodbye filing cabinets, hello flexible, easily accessible storage. As financial services organizations, we know your backlog of documents goes back decades and it shouldn’t be an ordeal to pull and share records, agreements, forms, etc.

We’ve eliminated the middle-man and made documents readily available to employees and clientele with a few clicks. Easily search and provide internal and external users secure access to documents, while protecting sensitive content with encrypted data and applying Personal Identifiable Information (PII) settings to documents and folders.

In addition, Vasion’s third-party storage integrations allow you to keep your current storage providers if you prefer while still being able to securely search and collaborate with other users.


Remember a couple sections ago when we mentioned data from forms needing to be applied to other documentation? We’re now going to address that and expand on the flow of company data with the crescendo from the Vasion Suite: Workflow.

Sending documents and data between third-party systems, applications, and internal filing have previously been independent components managed by manual processes. With Workflow, you can create custom routes for data and key documents to automatically flow between systems.

Let us paint you a picture. When a client fills out an onboarding eForm, that information is applied to a working contract which is sent to all parties for eSignatures, then securely stored and easily accessible with audit trails from every step of the way, all without mounds of paper and time wasted.

Connect your entire organization with the Vasion Suite, a better way to do business for you and your clients.

*The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act). Federal Deposit Consumer Corporation, January 2014.