Why Digital Document Management Is Easier Than Ever

In this day and age, businesses are inundated with ads, emails, and LinkedIn posts urging them to go digital. However, if you’re in the financial services industry, we know it isn’t a simple transition.

For one thing, you’re sitting on decades of paper records–stored in a sea of filing cabinets–you can’t leave behind for auditing and compliance reasons. Secondly and most important, you’ve seen the price tag for these fancy, modern solutions and can’t justify the insurmountable cost.

You wish you could make the shift away from paper to managing digital documents, but it feels anything but easy, right? Wrong! See how affordable, logistical, and easy Vasion Suite makes the change to digital document management, all in a single blog post.

The Price Tag Is Lower Than You Think

You don’t become a successful financial services company by being careless with your own internal finances. Just because you want a technologically-advanced Tesla that could simplify your driving experience, doesn’t mean it’s a wise purchase. We get that going digital has the same bright and shiny appeal, but the difference is that it’s within your budget.

While other services nickel-and-dime their customers, requiring an upcharge for every feature, we give you all the tools you need in a single, affordable platform. Vasion Suite features everything you need to capture, store, access, share, and manage your digital documents from day one.

You shouldn’t have to pay for separate expensive systems, or worry about affording the additional individual à la cart features per system on top of the base package cost. 

You Don’t Have To Leave Your Paper Records Behind

Digitally managing your documents isn’t just an option for businesses without excessive client and internal files, records, and contracts. We’re no stranger to the importance of your backlog of files, which is why you’re able to digitize paper documents with Vasion Suite.

You read that right! All content from those filing cabinets can now be accessible and stored in one place. Need to pull a client’s records from 1997? No problem. In a rush to review the terms of a past contract? Do it in a few clicks.

Digital document management with Vasion Suite encompasses your past, present, and future documents.

Compliance Regulations Are Upheld at All Times

If you’re thinking this is all too good to be true, it’s not and it only gets better. On top of being affordable and digitizing all files, you can check off “upholding compliance” on your list of requirements for a digital document management system.This is a top of mind concern considering the highly important and confidential information you’re required to intake and protect.

Your company depends on its reputation of upholding security and compliance regulations at all times.

Vasion Suite protects client and company data around the clock, at every step of the document lifecycle.We enforce document and data retention policies, secure files with document-level encryption, only permit authorized access, and provide thorough audit trails of all data, agreements, contracts, and forms.

So you can maintain compliance, control, and your peace of mind.The time to go digital is now. The way to do it is easy, with Vasion.