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So You Eliminated Print Servers. Now Eliminate Printers.

You’ve ditched your problematic print servers but still have a problem: outdated, single-function printers. Modernize your environment with a digitization, automation, and workflow solution to jumpstart your complete digital transformation.

All-in-one Integrated SaaS Platform

VA component

Convert Paper to Digital Data

Intelligently digitize entire volumes of existing company, employee, and client records

Access, share, and edit any document from anywhere, on any smart device.

Streamline intake processes by converting existing paper forms into eForms.

Gather and route key data instantly from clients, employees, applications, etc.

Reduce printing and infrastructure, yet keep info available for anyone who needs it.

Automate Everyday Workflows

Save time by automating time-consuming day-to-day tasks without waiting on a developer. Create no-code, automated workflows with drag-and-drop functionality to gather eSignatures, send eForms, store documents, and share content so you can get more done while reducing the need for single use printers.

Connect Paper and Digital Processes

Adapting to the digital landscape feels anything but seamless. Combining manual tasks and digital processes into efficient workflows doesn't have to be hard. Just like with PrinterLogic, Vasion works with applications you already have to connect your print environment to automated workflows. Never add another siloed system to your stack again.

Vasion integrates with:

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Google Drive

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One Drive

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Amazon WorkDocs

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EHR/EMR databases

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and more

Fast and Affordable Implementation

A complete digital transformation may seem daunting. Your biggest roadblocks are often time and money–both of which you never seem to have enough of. But with Vasion, it’s easier and more affordable than you think. Get up and running in just weeks–all at a cost that fits your budget.

Connect your print environment and digital processes in weeks, not months


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