Isabella Geriatric Center


  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY with a digital document management platform to minimize time consuming paper transport and retrieval.
  • ENSURE COMPLIANCE with HIPAA and HITECH by encrypting sensitive medical files on the network.
  • ACCELERATE CARE by providing effortless, real-time access to current patient information.


  • DIGITAL CAPTURE electronically converts lab and medical results into searchable digital documents.
  • INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION securely associates results to patients’ files while ensuring HIPAA and HITECH compliance.
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION provides doctors and nurses instant access to lab and medical results from within EMR system.


Adopting VASION as the image repository for its clinical system helped Isabella Geriatric Center solve operational inefficiencies around the management and access of patient records. Owing to its powerful tools for dialing in document workflows and ensuring HIPAA/HITECH compliance, VASION is now an essential—and cost-effective—part of the center’s EMR system.

"VASION provides greater information security as well as records management to improve documentation and records compliance. The ability to eliminate expensive paper files and efficiently back up patient records to prevent against catastrophic loss is an almost priceless benefit."