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Currently Boarding Beta Flights

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Mobile App Scanning

Scan paper documents with the PrinterLogic Mobile application and send them directly to cloud storage folders and through email.

Not everyone has immediate and direct access to a scanning device to digitize your physical documents, but with the PrinterLogic mobile app, you can. Scan documents with your mobile device’s camera and export multi-page PDFs to cloud storage folders and through email. 

Learn more about the convenience of mobile printing and print release within the PrinterLogic Mobile app today.

Output Management: Print Queue Management

Centralize your view of all the print queues you manage from a single dashboard.

Proactively monitor and assess the health and status of each queue, so you can respond quickly, address failures immediately, and optimize your environment with the insights. Save yourself valuable time during the day while minimizing downtime for your end users. 

Learn more about how our Output Management solution optimizes and streamlines your front and back-end printing processes.


Landed Beta Flights

Check out our past Beta Flights below to learn more about our currently available solutions!

Print Core: Simplified Scanning (Scan To Email & Cloud)

Save time and resources by eliminating the need for manual document handling, printing, storing, and mailing by routing scanned documents directly to email or cloud storage—all while sustainably enhancing productivity, security, and collaboration.

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Advanced Security: Off-Network Cloud Printing

Similar to Off-Network Printing, Off-Network Cloud Printing allows users to send jobs to networked printers from remote locations, but instead, those jobs are held temporarily in the cloud and then routed to the printer when released, using zero on-premises infrastructure.

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Output Management

Rules & Routing—Automate management and routing of documents and print jobs based on document characteristics, conditions, print failures, users, devices, etc., without manual intervention.
Confirmed Delivery—Ensure your high-volume, critical print jobs are received and fully reach the printer tray with automatic notifications letting you know if any print jobs fail at any point.

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